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Causes of World War I by Mind Map: Causes of  World War I
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Causes of World War I

Significant Individuals

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Alliances between Countries

Alliance between Mexico and Germany to take over parts of the US

European alliances caused nearly the whole world to be at war

Triple alliance formed between Germany, Hungary-Austria and Italy

Alliance Powers


European countries were at tension, fighting for power and land

Countries such as France, Belgium, Italy and Great Britain had colonies in Africa during the scramble for Africa


Germany and Austria-Hungary were very militaristic countries

To Keep their military power, both countries feel like their military force has to be equal or more.

The selective service act in the States gained them 3 million more people to join their army.


The countries believed that they are better than others

Citizens supported their country, no country wanted to back down from the war.