Murder Mystery - Diner

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Murder Mystery - Diner by Mind Map: Murder Mystery - Diner

1. Evidence: Hand print on the wall

1.1. Claim:You can’t shoot with the same hand if that hand is against the wall

1.2. Reasoning/Conclusion: The shooter shot the gun with his left hand.

2. Evidence: Silverware on chair C is on the left side

2.1. Claim: If you are left handed you will shoot and eat with your left hand

2.2. Reasoning/Conclusion: Person C is left handed.

3. Evidence: Footprint X is facing to the left

3.1. Claim: When your right hand is propped against the wall, your hand will be pointing left.

3.2. Reasoning/Conclusion: The Killer is footprint X.

4. Evidence: The last thing rung up on the cash register was for $8.75

4.1. Claim: When you add up person B,C,and D's receipt, they add up to $8.75.

4.2. Reasoning/Conclusion: Person B,C, and D knew each other.

5. Evidence: Person A didn't eat his meal

5.1. Claim: Typically when you buy a meal in a restaurant, you eat it

5.2. He could have been the person who was the shooter.

6. Evidence: Footprint Z goes into the kitchen

6.1. Claim:Only the employer goes back into the Kitchen

6.2. Reasoning/Conclusion: The Earner's footprints are person Z

7. The Killer is person X