Dill "Charles Baker" Harris

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Dill "Charles Baker" Harris by Mind Map: Dill "Charles Baker" Harris


1.1. Dill believes in racial equality.

1.1.1. "It was the way he said it made me sick, plain sick."- Page 216 This quote shows us that Dill believes that everyone should be treated equally. Dill is voicing his disgust at the way people treat African-American's which makes it obvious that he thinks they should be seen as equal.

1.2. Dill believes his parents don't care about him.

1.2.1. "...they just wasn't interested in me." - Page 155 This quote shows us that Dill really believes that his parent's don't care about him. Dill is obviously upset by this but is certain that he is unwanted.

1.3. Curiosity

1.3.1. "The Radley Place fascinated Dill."- page 8 The Radley place in general frightens most of the kids in Maycomb, so for Dill to be fascinated by it, shows us that his curiousty is quite defined, to the point where he will try and find something out that may result in him getting in danger or trouble or both.

1.4. Imagination

1.4.1. "I smell death." page 39 To come up with this, someone has to have a big imagination. So this quote only proves even more that Dill's imagination is quite thorough.

2. ACTS LIKE- Xavier

2.1. Attention Seeking

2.1.1. "I can smell somebody an' tell them if they're gonna die." - Page 39 This quote shows us that Dill tells made up stories for attention. This is because he does not think that people will like him or notice him unless he makes up amazing stories about himself.

2.2. Adventurous

2.2.1. "The Radley Place fascinated Dill."- page 8 This quote shows us that Dill is adventures and brave because he is excited by a place that others find terrifying. Though most of the school children won't go near the Radley Place, Dill repeatedly tries to meet it's inhabitant, Boo Radley.

2.3. Imaginative

2.3.1. "Dill was a villain's villain: he could get into any character part assigned to him." page 42 This quote shows us the extent of Dill's imagination and theatrical talent. Dill can take himself away to any world he likes, Dill probably developed this skill to take himself out of his own world in painful times.

3. MOTIVATED BY- Shannon

3.1. He wants to be a part of Jem and Scouts life, so he makes stuff up.

3.1.1. "I - smell - death,' he said. 'I do, I mean it, ' he said. - Page 39 This quotes shows us that, Dill who is the newest person in their group feels like he needs to make stuff up and prove it as well. Because there is now way that someone could smell death from outside a house.

3.2. wants to seem like he knows everything - so he lies

3.2.1. "Jean- Louise- Finch, you are going to die in three days." - Page 39 This quote shows us that Dill wants and needs to be seen as a person who roughly knows everything. Even if he has to make up what he is saying.

3.3. Wanting a family

3.3.1. "...but they didn't want me there." page 155 This quote, when placed back into context paints scene of a lonely child who just wants nothing more than to have a family that loves him. The first place we see where this happens is at the Finches house and because of this when he flees neglected he runs away to stay with them, where he feels safe and loved.

4. HOW OTHERS SEE HIM...- Shannon

4.1. Atticus sees him as his own child.

4.1.1. "Whoa, son,' said Atticus. 'Nobody's about to make me go back, please sir!" - page 153 The fact that Atticus used the word, "son" to describe Dill, means that he has accepted him into his family. And by not telling his Parents that he was there, he was accepting him even more so.

4.2. Jem Respects him

4.2.1. "...and Jem told me to hush, a sure sign that Dill had been studied and found acceptable." - Page 8 For Jem to tell Scout to hush up, in front of a boy that they barely knew gives us reason to believe that Jem has accepted Dill and respects him.

4.3. Scout adored him

4.3.1. "Dill's new father had a pleasant face, which made me glad Dill had captured him, but I was crushed... he would come get me and marry me..." - Page 126 This quote shows us that Dill "loved" scout and because scout said she would be crushed because he wasn't coming back, this tells us that she has the same feelings for him.

5. LOOKS LIKE- Shannon

5.1. Quite good looking

5.1.1. "...entered his picture in a Beautiful Child contest and won five dollars." page 7 This quote here explains to us that Dill is not an ugly child, and because he won five dollars, which back then was a fair bit of money, he must have gotten a high place, which goes to show that he was a handsome-ish child.

5.2. Small for his age

5.2.1. "I'm little but I'm old." page 7 This quote is pretty self explanatory, but it also shows us that Dill has what we call, little big dog syndrome, he tries to make up for his lack of height in his aggressive manner.

5.3. short

5.3.1. "...and appear tall if height was part of the devilry required." page 42 This also goes to show that Dill, is quite short. If he needs to appear to be tall, then he must not be very tall to begin with.


6.1. Discrimination

6.1.1. "...it was then that Dill gave us the idea of making Boo Radley come out." - Page 8 This quote shows us that Dill is, in his own way, being discriminative towards Boo Radley because he does not consider how Boo might feel about being disturbed. Dill is not purposefully mean to Boo but does not think about his actions.

6.2. Sexism

6.2.1. "I swear, Scout, sometimes you act so much like a girl, it's mortifyin'." - Page 41 This quote shows us that Dill thinks that it is a bad thing to act like a girl. Dill tells Scout that she acts like a girl to insult her and therefore is being sexist.

6.3. Lack of love from Parents

6.3.1. "Nothin', just sittin' and readin' - but they didn't want me with 'em." - Page 155 This quote shows us that even though Dill's parents are not mean to him, they do not care about him and do not seem to want him. This gives us insight into how lonely Dill when he is not in Maycomb.

6.4. Racism

6.4.1. "I don't care one speck. It ain't right, somehow it ain't right to do 'em that way...it just makes me sick."- Page 216 This quote shows us that Dill is strongly apposed to racism and can see a person as a person no matter what the colour of their skin. Dill is saying that he doesn't care whether Tom Robinson is dark skinned or not, he just can't believe the jury could find Tom guilty when he is clearly innocent.