ST01 Challenges & Possible Strategies to Address Them

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ST01 Challenges & Possible Strategies to Address Them by Mind Map: ST01 Challenges & Possible Strategies to Address Them

1. Groupwork

1.1. Revisit group work resources during the semester

1.2. Provide guidance at appropriate times

1.3. Need more coaching as groups, conflict resolution

1.4. Assessment of effort toward poster, google form

1.5. Restructure of 114 to have fewer scheduling issues for groupwork

2. Unclear relationships between units (101/102 & 113/114)

2.1. Access 113 site from 114 w'shop - what can you use to analyse this data? review your 113 examples.

2.2. Concept map/mind map of the course and how assessments relate to each other in workshop for 101

2.3. More autonomy for modules to present around specific needs just in time

2.4. Regular teaching staff meetings/debriefings across units, not just within them

3. Assessment

3.1. Assessment for attendance? Is it worthwhile? 2% for turning up?

3.1.1. 102 engaged and attending without extra marks

3.2. Consistency of assessment across units - for workshop activities, work with tutors to ensure task driven rather than attendance

3.3. Common policy on assessing group contribution

3.4. Too many posters

3.5. Review individual assessment for 102

4. Confusion

4.1. 114 Assessment Task Sheet vague enough to cover 5 diff modules, but not specific enough to direct students

4.2. extract and simplify info

4.3. Writing, annotated bibliog, very unclear for students

4.4. More coherent task sheets

4.5. More information on assessment

4.6. Clearer questions & guidelines for poster topics

4.7. More scaffolding in choosing research topics

4.8. Good to have a better understanding of what's happening in 113 workshops