NPE Mind Map

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NPE Mind Map by Mind Map: NPE Mind Map

1. Lessons Learnt

1.1. Validity of Artist Info Received for Song and Album

1.2. player looks visually boring when no images returned

1.3. Must have Large Set of Artist data to test

2. Test Cases

2.1. Reuse NPEv1 test cases

2.2. Create New Test Cases

3. Test Techniques

3.1. Back to Back Testing

3.1.1. NPE V1 Old Behaviour

3.1.2. NPE v2 New Behaviour

3.2. Exploratory Testing

3.2.1. Test Charters Test Drive NPE V2 (2hrs) Test Drive Flash Player with NPE V2 (2hrs)

4. Dependent Components

4.1. Image Services/Picture Service (Internal)

4.2. Rovi Third Party Service

4.2.1. Rovi used for Scrubbing

4.2.2. Use New Rovi Recognition API (PNP-185)

4.3. ITunes to get Buy URL

4.4. Facebook to get facebook page

5. Contractual Obligations

5.1. NPE must Empty Expired Files (PNP-198)

5.2. Limited no of calls frequency can be Made to NPE Monitor with Admin Page (PNP-204)