The Swimmer

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The Swimmer by Mind Map: The Swimmer

1. alcohol

1.1. clouds mind

1.1.1. easy to do stupid stuff one may regret

1.1.2. selfish

1.1.3. uncaring

1.2. purifying effect

1.3. the story starts when everybody drinks often and a lot

2. social status

2.1. bubble of upper middle class suburbia

2.2. the way people treated him

2.2.1. when his last hope failed he cried for the first time in his adult life

2.3. loss of his status

2.3.1. depression

3. pools

3.1. purifying effect

3.2. metaphor for his mental journey

4. weather

4.1. tone

4.2. symbolizes his progress

4.3. non-linear time

5. the main character

5.1. motives

5.2. values

5.3. legendary figure

5.4. completed his quest but was not sure if it was worth it

5.5. every time he approaches a new situation he is hopeful (happy) but cracks starts to appear.

5.6. his appearance

5.6.1. weaker, older and more tired as his bubble busts

6. setting

6.1. everything happens in very short time

6.1.1. is it all in his mind? old man reminiscing of his past and falling deeper and deeper into a depression. we don't see the choices that caused his fall. like he does not want to remind himself of them. the turning point in this story is when he is crossing the road. he stands almost naked face to face with public ridicule.

6.2. unrealistic