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SWOT(MATi) by Mind Map: SWOT(MATi)

1. Strenghts

1.1. Understanding things fast

1.2. Basic math, like multiplying etc.

1.3. Being able to know some answers by just looking at the question.

1.4. Working with negative and positive numbers.

2. Weaknesses

2.1. Explaining things to others

2.2. When I get something wrong it takes me a while to figure out what I did wrong.

2.3. Doing mathematical work neatly

2.4. Keeping my math notes in order

3. Oppurtunities

3.1. Having a dad who uses equations in work

3.2. Having a older sister who has done the things thatI'm doing before

3.3. Going to a good school, with good teachers, and classmates, who help me learn.

3.4. Having proper equipment for this subject.

4. Threats

4.1. Having a little brother who keeps me from focusing

4.2. Other homework, because that makes me push math aside for a while.

4.3. My phone, sometimes it distracts me too