"Ghetto App"

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"Ghetto App" by Mind Map: "Ghetto App"

1. Argument

1.1. Microsoft does use the word Unsafe Neighborhood but Never the word Ghetto

1.2. Microsoft will use reliable data

1.3. This app is not ment to deter you from completely avoiding a site

1.3.1. You have control over your actions, the app can't force you to do anything Freedom Of choice

1.4. Majority of crimes are committed by white men, is it microsofts fault you consider this app to portray African Americans in a different light?

1.4.1. Asborometer

1.4.2. 69% by whites and 31% by blacks, hispanics and others How could the app be racist when it is using crime data. Data is not racist or discreminent

1.5. If we can save lives of tourists or people new to certain areas don't we have an obligation to

1.6. Ethics approaches

1.7. Could this in fact lessen the stereotype by bringing forth knowledge many Americans will not search for themselves

1.8. Some people believe it is the way technology should be working for us

1.8.1. Rob Enderle “It’s part of an overall effort to make navigation systems more intelligent so they keep you out of danger, whether you’re driving or you’re on foot,” Enderle says.

1.9. This app is not meant to protect you from every aspect of life, it is no guarantee that you will be safe.

2. Stakeholders

2.1. Primary

2.1.1. App Users

2.1.2. Microsoft

2.2. Secondary

2.2.1. Communities

2.2.2. Stereotypes

3. Utilitarian

3.1. Positives

3.1.1. Decrease stereotypes By using public information this could bring forth more knowledge

3.1.2. Keep more individuals safe Individuals new to the area Tourists

3.1.3. Decrease crime rates

3.2. Negatives

3.2.1. Could reinforce stereotypes Is it Microsoft's fault that when it says "High Crime Rate Area" you think of a certain race?

4. Rights Approach

4.1. First Ammendment

4.1.1. Microsoft has the right to put out an app that others may find controversial

4.2. Natural Law

4.2.1. Life

4.2.2. Security of person

4.3. Freedom of Press

4.3.1. Using public knowledge

5. Asborometer

5.1. Endorsed by Prime Minister Gordon Brown

5.2. Uses data available to the public

5.3. Difference between this and "Ghetto App" is the asborometer does not give GPS directions

6. Data

6.1. Analyze weather reports

6.2. Crime Statistics

6.3. Has been said it will include rape stats

6.4. Difficult Terrain

6.5. User history

6.5.1. paths previously taken by a user

6.5.2. available paths

6.5.3. user experiences upon the paths

7. Issue

7.1. Microsofts app could reinforce stereotypes and cause a decrease in tourism due to high crime rates

7.1.1. Those people who are calling Microsoft’s patent a “ghetto app” are engaging in the same offensive behavior that they are accusing the software giant of exhibiting

7.1.2. This app will further mark some communities as places to avoid

7.2. Some say microsoft will pick and chose what data to use

7.2.1. Patent says it will use proven sources

8. Facts

8.1. The app will warn a user when they are entering an unsafe area. Wether it be from adverse weather conditions, or high crime stats. It does not make the choice for the user nor does it say not to go to that area it simply states that they are entering that area.

8.2. The app will update with current stats. The source is unclear but it will most likely be public knowledge accessible to everyone

8.3. Similar products exist elsewhere, It raised little controversy could the problem be America?

9. Rescource

9.1. HuffingtonPost

9.2. US Patent 8090532

9.3. theweek

9.4. Crime stats by race