Egyptian Revoulution

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Egyptian Revoulution by Mind Map: Egyptian Revoulution

1. Youtube

2. Facebook

3. transmit and receive the message to/from the world

3.1. Aitamurto

3.2. Gustin

4. "We campaign there"

4.1. Aitamurto

5. made rights violations visible

5.1. Aitamurto

5.2. Gustin

6. most popular

6.1. Brisson

7. organized revolutionaries

7.1. Aitamurto

7.2. Gustin

8. raised funds through tweet back

8.1. Aitamurto

9. WE are all Khaleed said page

10. made the message visible

10.1. Aitamurto

11. Twitter

12. Twitter

13. Facebook

14. Youtube

15. A Need For an Outlet

15.1. The people were not allowed to speak their opinion or truth if the government didn't like what they were saying.

16. A Way To Organize

16.1. Organization is the key to sucess

17. A Way To Spread Information

17.1. To coordinate

17.2. Organize

17.3. Communicate on the internet

18. A Way To Doucumet

18.1. History is made everyday. Who better to write it, than the people making it.

19. Digital Tools

20. Twitter

21. Facebook

22. Youtube

23. Revolution

24. A Need For an Outlet

25. A Way To Doucumet

26. A Way To Organize

27. A Way To Spread and receive Information

28. Twitter

29. Facebook

30. Youtube

31. Cellphones

31.1. Brisson

31.2. Cell phones gave people the ability not only to connect with each other on the go but also to connect to the world and do all of the things on the left

31.3. Through the power of the things on the right


33. ..."I went home and I videoblogged about it so that everybody can see how our military is..."

33.1. Aitamurto

34. Egyptian Revolution= (a need for an outlet, a way to document, a way to spread information, a way to organize) x cell phones x digital tools