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Mayella Ewell - Charlie and Katrina by Mind Map: Mayella Ewell - Charlie and Katrina
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Mayella Ewell - Charlie and Katrina

Looks Like



Big and has a strong build.

Acts Like

Mayella acts as if she is innocent and helpless. During the court case, she breaks down several times and starts crying.

Mayella is also someone who hesitates. Throughout her testimony, Atticus asks her several questions where she either takes her time to answer or says the wrong thing and quickly changes it.

The reader can tell that Mayella acts as if she is afraid. During the trial, she seems scared of Atticus but she is also frightened of letting the truth out.

Motivated by

Mayella’s main motivation for tempting Tom Robinson was loneliness.

The main reason for Mayella accusing Tom Robinson of raping her was because she was afraid of her father.

Mayella is motivated by fear and guilt.

Textual issues or concerns linked to this character

Mayella’s loneliness links into the theme of community.

Many people of Maycomb find themselves isolated for different reasons. Boo Radley in his house, the negroes in their settlement, and Mayella on her property.

How others see him or her

Through the Eyes of Scout, Mayella is a very lonely Character. She does not have any real friends and her family members seems to ignore her.

Many other people in Maycomb feel sorry for Mayella. Tom Robinsons is one of those characters.

The Jury see Mayella as a fragile woman. Most young white women during those times were considered helpless timid victims who needed protection.

Beliefs and values

Mayella looks down on black people as below her, because she is white.

Mayella’s guilt from tempting Tom Robinson is so strong that she has made herself believe that he was the one at fault; not her.

We do not know too much about Mayella’s family history or family values. However, we can assume that her father is most likely physically abusive towards her, which has probably twisted her morals. She knows that her family is considered trash in Maycomb.