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Engage with Audience

Basic Media Toolbox Package - $19.99/mo., Portfolio, Calendar, Included (Do it yourself)

Social Engagement Package - $49.99/mo., Basic Media Package, Specials, Social Distribution (Portfolio, Calendar & Specials), Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Foursquare, API

WebDeck Package - $99.99/mo., Social Engagement Package, Website Distribution (Portfolio, Calendar & Specials)

Coupons (Specials) - 30% - 50% Revenue Share, Coupon Distribution (Sales), Customer Rewards (VIP Badges)

Reservations (Events) - $0.99/Reservation

Social Engagement Campaign Outsourcing - $299.99/campaign, Asset Creation, Portfolio, Events Calendar, Outsourced Event creation, Specials, Distribution, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone, Foursquare, Website, Setup Tracking and Profiles, Google Analytics, Alerts, Reader, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, IFbyPhone, Mailing Letter, Website links, Door follow me cards

Event Creation Outsourcing - $39.99/Event

Album & Portfolio Export (iTunes LP) - $99.99/each

Album & Portfolio Export (iPhone App) - $99.99/each