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Liquid Host by Mind Map: Liquid Host
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Liquid Host


openSUSE 11.1

maintains compatibility with yast and standard admin tools

installs core stack directly

Manages Key Services

Why Bother?

latest versions

had experience with really wanting features in latest Postgres and Apache, distro a semi-major version behind

multiple versions

it's not that hard

firmer foundation

upgrade distro freely while maintaining stack version

this is the other side of the latest version; I've got stuff running Tomcat 4.x, want latest distro, but would be huge hassle to change tomcat versions


I like to put everything necessary for a project in the project, not scattered around the system

increases inter-distro portability

obviously Liquid Host itself only supports openSUSE (though no reason it should be limited to that), but the services themselves could be set up on any machine in the same way to get apps running on other distros, which is really the point. This stuff is, for me, all about making it easier to get stuff deployed


bulk of scripts manage single service

service script interface

interface conventions

future: convention for output

future: liquid_host is itself a service

future: special scripts

complete set of scripts in liquid host, does not imply services installed locally

in other words, it's like a package manager, you may have 100 service scripts in your .liquid-host dir, but only 10 services installed; you always have all the scripts (for a given version)

kibbles vs. service configuration

It's about reliably deploying a specific configuration with basic start/stop controls, NOT general administation

build services with reasonable, but usable defaults

not all services build with reasonable defaults; they're often "too open"


support new install

manually adapt host to conform to expectations

gathers hosts (domain == root host)





apache web

tomcat web


db server



New node