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PHP Meetup 30 April 2013 by Mind Map: PHP Meetup 30 April 2013
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PHP Meetup 30 April 2013

Automate Dev Environment Setups by Michael Cheng

Presentation by Michael Cheng

Problems it solved

What is it?


Provisioning Script

Why you should use PhpStorm! by Arul Kumuran


PHP Development with PhpStorm

By JetBrains

Free for Open Source Development

PhpStorm includes Webstorm

Composer Integration


Show changes / undo changes

Version control built in

Built in coding standards in PhpStorm

Great tool to take the 30 days trial!

Your Magento is Speeding! by Ashish

By Ashish PurohitRanosys Technologies Pte


What is Magento

Comparison with other eCommerce Platform

People think Magento is Slow..Really?


Tools for measuring performance