Warrenpoint Railway Line

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Warrenpoint Railway Line by Mind Map: Warrenpoint Railway Line

1. Library visit

1.1. Newry Library

1.1.1. Microfilm

1.1.2. Books on Warrenpoint

1.2. Warrenpoint Library

1.2.1. Bradley's 'Origin of Warrenpoint'

1.2.2. Warrenpoint Historical Society Publications Transport History Warrenpoint History

1.2.3. Orignal artifacts Pictures Maps Photographs Drawings Staff rosters Diaries/Journals

1.3. Belfast Linen Hall Library

1.3.1. Books General railway Books in Ireland Specialised books on Warrenpoints Railway

1.3.2. Reports From Railway Company Produced by Sir Henry Benson

2. Sites of local interest

2.1. Site remains in Warrenpoint

2.1.1. Factory opened in its place/No First hand evidence

2.2. Site of Newry station

2.2.1. Edward Street Station

2.2.2. Dublin Bridge

2.3. Local historians

2.3.1. Interviews

2.3.2. first hand evidence of railway

3. Academic Sources

3.1. Warrenpoint Branch Railway Line- Book

3.2. Bradley's 'Origin of Warrenpoint'

3.3. Arnold R.M

3.4. Youtube

3.4.1. Video of train leaving Warrenpoint

3.4.2. Video of train station

3.5. Local historians

3.5.1. Written Articles

3.5.2. Interviews

4. Journals and articles

4.1. Local Articles

4.1.1. Local Magazine History Railway

4.1.2. Newspaper clippings

4.2. General articles

4.2.1. Public Records Office

4.2.2. Railway Journals Local,Specialised Irish Railway National Irish Railways

5. Structure

5.1. Introduction

5.1.1. Set aims

5.1.2. Introduce subject

5.2. Body

5.2.1. Three paragraphs 1. Before it opened 2.During its Usage 3.Closure

5.3. Conclusion

5.3.1. Learning outcomes

5.3.2. Evaluation