the power of paying attention

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the power of paying attention by Mind Map: the power of paying attention

1. sounds

1.1. birds

1.1.1. bycibles passing by elektro music

2. textures

2.1. trees

2.1.1. animals people buildings

2.2. bycicles

2.2.1. garbage butts

3. smells

3.1. earth

3.1.1. riverwater freshness

3.2. trees

3.2.1. leaves

4. far away

4.1. people

4.1.1. streets

4.2. buildings

4.2.1. clouds cars

4.3. dogs

5. things close

5.1. trees

5.1.1. people rivers

5.2. streets

5.2.1. park signs

6. Reflexion experience: Confront with this work, it was pretty exciting to feel, smell, and got close to the experience, because i got the feeling that i was having the task made wiht my senses full focused, That mades me felt like a new neighbor in the place where i live, discovering things i did not aware it were there...I think this tool is important for creativity because all the facts are there together, having the necessary information about something.