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PAWSitively LUV! by Mind Map: PAWSitively LUV!


1.1. Online Multi-Session Classes

1.2. Printed Educational Materials

1.3. In-school visits with trainers

1.4. Visits to pet therapy training facilities for kids to experience it firsthand

1.5. Hands-on internships or volunteer opportunities

1.6. Online Video Presentations

1.7. Summer Camp for kids to learn about Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

1.8. Incorporate material into K-12 lesson plans


2.1. Comfort/Therapy Animals sent for survivors of trauma

2.2. AAT Animals for Hospitals and Nursing Homes to visit

2.3. AAT Animals for individuals with disabilities - match up

2.4. Guide Dogs for people with disabilities in need

2.5. Links to other AAT resources online

3. Collaborate

3.1. Fundraisers & Awareness Events

3.2. Safety & Prevention Personnel work w/AAT Therapists and Facilities

3.3. K-12 teachers & AAT therapists work to incorporate educational materials into lesson plans

3.4. AAT Therapists & Community Leaders lobby for more financial support

3.5. AAT Therapists, Doctors, & countless others work to include and cover AAT Therapy in an individual's health care plan/insurance.