Bob Ewell

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Bob Ewell by Mind Map: Bob Ewell

1. How others see him

1.1. "Mr Ewell was endearing himself to his fellow citizens. the whispers and chuckles below us probably had to do with what a card he was" (Page 192)

1.2. Prejudice

2. Home Life

2.1. Many children

2.1.1. Beats Mayella

2.2. House

2.2.1. Dump "Maycomb's Ewellls lived behind the town garbage dump in what was once a Negro cabin" (page 185)

3. Appearances

3.1. Town Drunk

3.2. "Mr Ewell reminded me of a deaf-mute... as long as Mr Ewell was on the stand, the judge kept his eyes on him, as if daring him to make a false move." (page 189)

4. Trial

4.1. Relationship with Mayella

4.2. Lay-back, relaxed

4.3. Lier

4.3.1. selfish

5. Relationships with others

5.1. Doesn't respect black people

5.2. "Mr Ewell was sitting smugly in the witness chair... with one phrase he had turned happy picnickers into a sulky, tense murmuring crowd." (page 189)