Jem Finch

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Jem Finch by Mind Map: Jem Finch

1. Acts Like

1.1. Quality: Role of father to Scout

1.1.1. Quote: "spit it... hear me" (pg 36) Explanation: This quote represents Jem telling Scout what to do while their father was at work.

2. Motivated By

2.1. Quality: father

2.1.1. Quote: "Atticus great" (pg 29) Explanation: All though ti does not clearly state that Jem is wanting to be like his father, you get a strong message that he is motivated to be good honest man like his Father.

3. Concerns Linked To The Character

3.1. Quality: loud mouth

3.1.1. Quote: "it ain't... anybody's life" (page 239) Explanation: due to the time and his neighbourhood disliking blacks his opinion on blacks could get him into trouble.

4. How Jem views other people

4.1. Quality: jem thoughts on Atticus

4.1.1. Quote "Jem and ... father satisfactory" (pg 6) Explanation: shows the relationship between father and children

5. Beliefs and Values

5.1. Quality: Radley House

5.1.1. Quote: "dont you... over there" (page 36) Explanation: like the neighbourhood jem believes that the radley place is cursed/ haunted

5.2. Quality: Tom Robinson

5.2.1. Quote: "jem said ... to hide" (207) Explanation: Jem strongly believes and knows that Tom Robinson is not guilty for rapping Mayella Ewell.

6. Looks Like

6.1. Quality: Broken elbow

6.1.1. Quote: "when he...his body" (pg 3) Explanation: Broken elbow at age 13 while playing football

7. How others see Jem's character

7.1. Quality: naughty

7.1.1. Quote: by Mr Avery "see what...seasons change" (page 71) Explanation: how neighbour reacts to childish of jem and the seasons changing