Intro and ch 1

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Intro and ch 1 by Mind Map: Intro and ch 1

1. Laughter

1.1. Way of resistance

1.2. "Indirect weapon of rebellion" P16

1.3. Black humor- created by the poor to use on the wealthy

1.4. Gives a voice to the women being studied

1.5. coping mechanism

2. Carnaval

2.1. Not native to Brazil, but it transformed by Brazil by religious religious rituals.

2.2. Anything and everything is possible during this time

2.3. Gives false perceptions of culture due to mixing of classes

2.4. last five nights

2.5. Looking glass which Brazilians define themselves

3. Donna Goldstein

3.1. Became interested in Brazil when doing research in Ecuador

3.2. Involved in political and solidarity movements of the early 1980's

3.3. Became active in Culslar- committee on U.S Latin American relations.

3.4. Switch her research from slave trading to AIDS training and the effect on women with low income.

4. History

4.1. Violent military takeovers

4.2. Institutionalization is favored

4.3. "In the name of the people without the people". Goldstein57

5. Power

5.1. Power is everywhere

5.2. culture is always power

5.3. Predominance of ruling class interest