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Validity by Mind Map: Validity

1. Content

1.1. Specifies what the content of a test should include

2. Reliability

2.1. Test-retest

2.1.1. Compares 1st & 2nd set of scores

2.1.2. Usually some memorization involved the 2nd time

2.2. Alternate forms or equivalence

2.2.1. 2 equivalent test given under equivalent circumstances Lessens memorization

2.2.2. Often utilized by test publishers

2.3. Internal consistency

2.3.1. Items should be correlated with one another

2.3.2. Split halves Splits test into 2 equivalent halves to determine correlation Memory and practice effects aren't envolved

2.3.3. Kuder-Richardson Method

3. Criterion-Related Validity

3.1. Predictive

3.1.1. Useful and important in aptitude test

3.2. Concurrent

3.2.1. Deals with measures that can administered at the same time

3.2.2. Finds the correlation between two sets of test scores(new and established)

4. Construct Validity Evidence

4.1. Any information that lets you know whether results form the test correspond to what you would expect