Access Control Fundamentals

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Access Control Fundamentals by Mind Map: Access Control Fundamentals

1. Best Practices for Access control.

1.1. Mandatory Vacations

1.2. Implicit Deny

1.3. Least Privilege

1.4. Job Rotation

1.5. Separation of Duties

2. What is access control

2.1. Access control models.

2.1.1. Mandatory Access Control (MAC)

2.1.2. Discretionary Access control (DAC)

2.1.3. RBAC Role Based Access Control Rule Based Access Control

3. Authentication: The steps that insure that the individual is who they claim to be.

4. Implementing Access Control

4.1. Access control lists (ACLs)

4.2. Account Restrictions

4.3. Time of Day Restrictions

4.4. Account Expiration

5. Authorization: The act of providing permission or authority to conduct a task.