Walking to the Bakery

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Walking to the Bakery by Mind Map: Walking to the Bakery

1. People

1.1. Woman taking her dog for a walk, it was peeing

1.2. A man sitting silently in his car, observing the street and maybe waiting for someone

1.3. My friend came to talk to me about the Iron Man 3, he didn't like it.

1.4. Many people waiting on the queue to pay for the bread and stuff

1.5. People in the church, some praying, some singing

1.6. Security guards

1.7. People drinking, laughing at the bars around

2. Ideas and Plans

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Graduate

2.1.2. Mba, Masters

2.1.3. New job

2.2. Define Problems

2.2.1. Money

2.2.2. Moving

2.2.3. Indecision, worries

2.3. Old Ideas

2.3.1. Own business, building the house at the farm

3. Thinking

3.1. , Studies and Career

3.1.1. Journalism

3.1.2. International Relations

3.1.3. Agribusiness

3.2. Home, dogs, cleaning, organizing, studying, reading

3.3. Boyfriend, parents, brothers and sister, friends, mates, teachers

3.4. New house, moving or not, car, farm, South or Northeast

4. Smells

4.1. Bread, cakes, juices, cheese, ham, pizza

4.2. Wind, perfumes, garbage, smoke, beer

4.3. Low Priority

5. Sounds

5.1. Cars, people talking, laughing, ordering, dog's barking, sneeze, buses.

5.2. Wind, music, people singing, people walking, running