Led Zeppelin In A Nutshell

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Led Zeppelin In A Nutshell by Mind Map: Led Zeppelin In A Nutshell

1. Reunion Celebration Day

1.1. 10 December 2007, for the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert

1.2. The O2 Arena, London, England, UK

1.3. Album Consist of 1 DVD and 1 soundtrack CD

2. Discography

2.1. Led Zeppelin

2.1.1. includes Communicaton Breakdown and Good Times, Bad Times

2.2. Led Zeppelin II

2.2.1. Identified as the musical starting point of Heavy Metal

2.2.2. Includes the Song Whole Lotta Love

2.3. Led Zeppelin III

2.3.1. Reflects Celtic and Folk Influences

2.3.2. Houses the song Immigrant Song

2.4. Untitled / Led Zeppelin IV

2.4.1. Best Selling Album in history

2.4.2. includes their song Stairway to Heaven which cemented their rockstar status

2.4.3. Most popular and influential work

2.4.4. it also contains Black Dog and Rock and Roll

2.5. Houses of The Holy

2.5.1. represents a musical Turning point for the band

2.5.2. includes songs The Song Remains The Same, D'yer Maker, and The Rain Song

2.6. Physical Graffitti

2.6.1. Most creative and expressive album

2.6.2. includes Kashmir

3. Accolades/Legacy

3.1. Band

3.1.1. has influenced a diverse mix of musicians

3.1.2. One of the most successful, innovative and influential rock bands

3.1.3. Left a major impact in the nature of music business

3.1.4. First to do arena / stadium concerts

3.1.5. Has a significant cultural impact - music, and fashion

3.2. Awards

3.2.1. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

3.2.2. UK Music Hall of Fame

3.2.3. Grammy's Lifetime Achievement Award

3.2.4. Kennedy Center Honors

4. The Band

4.1. Robert Plant

4.2. Jimmy Page

4.3. John Paul Jones

4.4. John Bonham

5. Musical Style

5.1. Hard Rock

5.2. Blues Rock

5.3. Progressive Rock

5.4. Heavy Metal

5.5. Classic Rock

6. Death of Bonham and Break up

6.1. Cause of death: asphyxation from vomit

6.2. Autopsy did not found drugs

6.3. Remaining members of the band, decided to disband after the death of Bonham