Benefits of Google docs

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Benefits of Google docs by Mind Map: Benefits of Google docs

1. Teaching

1.1. Write a collaborative story

1.2. Group planning for projects or lab report documentation become simple and transparent

1.3. collaborative brainstorming

1.4. Have your classroom create a class newsletter

1.5. Insert photos onto a Google Doc to share with classmates

1.6. Translate a document to a different language.

1.7. Managing Student Portfolios

2. Learning

2.1. - Share and access docs

2.1.1. Within your school

2.1.2. Outside of schoo

2.1.3. With a group

2.1.4. Individual

2.2. Manage documents with multiple editors

2.2.1. Basic formatting

2.2.2. Advanced formatting

2.2.3. Create and share templates

2.2.4. Improve the writing process with Docs

2.2.5. Create an archive with Docs

2.2.6. Run a paperless classroom with Docs

2.3. Presentations in the classroom

2.3.1. • Create and format presentations

2.3.2. Edit and format slides

2.3.3. Share and publish a presentation

2.3.4. Prepare and deliver a presentation

2.3.5. Streamline back-to-back presentations

2.3.6. Design presentation templates for class

3. Researching

3.1. Advanced sharing permissions

3.2. Email docs as an attachment

3.3. Share collections with individual or group