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My Life by Mind Map: My Life

1. What i have to do?

1.1. Overall

1.1.1. English

1.1.2. Knowledges research about books improve skills english soft communication reading books programing

1.1.3. Workout

1.2. Future

1.2.1. 6 months good in listen and understand the meaning have a stable job

2. I'd love to do?

2.1. Earn money

2.2. HipHop

2.3. Be a nice guy

2.3.1. Have nice body Workout

2.3.2. Have Style Fashion

2.3.3. Have a nice Bike

2.3.4. Smart

2.4. Good in English

2.4.1. Good in Communication with English Listen well Talking well like a Foreigner

2.4.2. Good in Writing English can study in outside my country

2.5. Travel Everywhere