The Map (of the Montessori Movement) by Mind Map: The Map (of the Montessori Movement)
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The Map (of the Montessori Movement)

Chaminade University of Honolulu Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS)

The Institute of Montessori Education

Munir Shivji

United States Montessori Organizations


Richard Ungerer


Virginia McHugh


David Kahn



Photo archives


Sue Pritzker


The Montessori Foundation, Tim Seldin

AMI Elementary Alumni Association (AMI-EAA)


Mary Cusack

John Moncure

State/Regional Organizations

Fountainhead Montessori Adult Education (AMS)

Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies (AMI)

Montessori Institute of San Diego (AMI)

Montessori Western Teacher Training Center (AMS)


Montessori Teacher Education Center - San Francisco Bay Area (AMS)

Montessori Center for Teacher Education (AMS)

Montessori Institute of Advanced Studies (AMS)

Montessori Teacher Education Center, SF Bay Area (AMS)

Montessori Training Center (AMS)

St. Mary's College (AMS)

University Montessori Teacher Training Program at UC Irvine (AMS)

Issues Affecting Montessori Education


State Mapping Project, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas

Common Core/State Standards

Seton version, Stacey Edwards, Anna Perry

Montessori Foundation/Montessori Compass version, Scope and Sequence, Common Core Standards Alignment

Standardized Testing

Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

The Torres Strait Islands Project






Metal Insects

Free designs


Collaborative advertising

Adolescent Programs


Religious Education

Many schools are implementing the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, so I think this belongs under schools, not under Montessori at Home (thought perhaps it needs another connection too to Montessori at home).

International training


Fundacion Argentina (AMI)


Canadian Montessori Teacher Education Institute

Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia (AMI)

Foundation for Montessori Education (AMI)

Toronto Montessori Institute (TMI)


Montessori College Dublin (AMI)

St. Nicholas Montessori College


Centro de Entrenamiento Montessori de Metepec (AMI)

Centro de Estudios de EducaciĆ³n Montessori A.C. (AMI)

Centro Internacional Villa Montessori (AMI)

Grupo Montessori de la Ciudad de Merida A.C (AMI)


Eden Montessori

United Kingdom

Montessori Centre International

Montessori Assessment & Education Ltd

Kent & Sussex Montessori Centre, Marianne Clarkson

Maria Montessori Institute AMI-UK

How to Add-On an Adolescent Program

Erdkinder/Land Schools

Business Plan/Board Proposal Samples

Educational Sounds and Images

Capital Budget

The Whole School Montessori Handbook (NAMTA)

Chart of Accounts


Montessori Records Xpress

Montessori Compass

Montessori Workspace

Montessori Clarity


Public Montessori

"School within a school"


National Center for Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS), Jaqueline Cossentino, Keith Whitescarver

Friends of Montessori (Houston)

Public Montessori Educators of TX

Montessori Outlet/Spectrum


Czech Republic

Czech Montessori Association

Professional Development/ Conferences

Conferences/Refresher Courses


International Montessori Congress

Montessori Foundation



Head of School Retreats

Inclusion Education Courses


Community Outreach

Montessori Education Week

Religious Montessori Schools

Non-denominational Christian Schools

Minnesota, Hand in Hand Christian Montessori

Catholic Schools

Minnesota, The Way of the Shepherd Catholic Montessori

Oregon, Franciscan Montessori Earth School

Texas, St. Catherine's Montessori

Ohio, Queen of Angels Montessori

The Jewish Montessori Society

Khalsa Montessori School

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Parent education events

Classroom observation

Montessori Journey

Dads' Night

Sample letters to leaders

Charter Schools

Charter Management Organization (CMO)

Montessori For All


Teacher Training


MACTE, Rebecca Pelton

United States

Alabama, Montessori Teacher Education Ctr/SFBA-Mobile, AL (AMS), Houston Montessori Center - Mobile, AL (Admin) (AMS)

Arizona, Khalsa Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS), South Mountain Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS)

Colorado, The Montessori Institute (AMI)

Connecticut, Montessori Education Center of the Rockies (AMS), Washington Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program (AMS), Montessori Training Center of New England (AMI)

Delaware, The Delaware Institute for Montessori Education (AMS)

Florida, Barry University Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS), Seacoast Center for Education-Celebration, FL (AMS), Florida Institute of Montessori Studies (AMS), Maitland Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS), Montessori Teacher Training Institute (AMS), Summit Montessori Teacher Training Institute (AMS), Palm Harbor Montessori Teacher Education (AMS), Village Montessori Training Center (AMS)

Georgia, Int'l Montessori Training Institute (AMI), Institute for Guided Studies (MEPI), Montessori Teacher Institute (MEPI)

Indiana, Montessori Teacher Academy at Edison Lakes (AMS), Montessori Opportunities - South Bend, IN (AMS)


Idaho, Montana Montessori TEI - Boise, ID (AMS)

Illinois, Seton Montessori Institute (AMS), Montessori Heartland Teacher Education Center (AMS)

Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education (AMS), Montessori Opportunities - Lexington, KY (AMS)

Maryland, Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola (AMI), Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies (AMS), Montgomery Montessori Institute (AMS)

Massachusetts, Montessori Institute - New England (AMS)

South Carolina, Greenville Montessori Institute (AMI), Florence FSD1 Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS), Lander University (AMS), Montessori Teacher Training Institute of South Carolina (AMS), Seacoast Center for Education (AMS), Institute for Guided Studies (MEPI)

Midwest Montessori Teacher Training Center (AMS)

Minnesota, Montessori Center of Minnesota (AMI)

Missouri, Montessori Training Center of St. Louis (AMI), Montessori Teacher Preparation of Kansas City (MEPI), Hope Montessori Educational Institute (AMS)

Montana, Montana Montessori Teacher Education Institute (AMS)

Nebraska, Mid-America Montessori Teacher Training Institute

New Hampshire, Seacoast Center for Education (AMS)

New Jersey, Montessori Teacher Training Institute of Mercer County CC (AMS), Princeton Center for Montessori Education

New Mexico

New York, Center for Montessori Teacher Education/NY (AMS), West Side Montessori School-Teacher Education Program (AMS)

North Carolina, Center for Montessori Teacher Education/ North Carolina (AMS)

Ohio, Hershey Montessori Training Institute (AMI), The AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies, Columbus Montessori Education Center (AMS), Cincinnati Montessori Secondary Teacher Education Program (AMS), Montessori Opportunities, Inc. (AMS), Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education, Xavier University Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS)

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS)

Oregon, Main Street Montessori Association (AMS), Montessori Institute Northwest (AMI)

Pennsylvania, Chestnut Hill College Montessori Teacher Education Program (AMS), Montessori Teacher Training of Philadelphia (AMS)

Puerto Rico, Cincinnati Montessori Secondary - San Juan, PR (AMS), Instituto Nueva Escuela (AMS)

Tennessee, Montessori Educational Institute of North America (AMS)

Texas, Montessori Institute of North Texas (AMI), Houston Montessori Institute (AMI), Dallas Montessori Teacher Education Programs (AMS), Houston Montessori Center (AMS), Montessori Teacher Education Institute- Houston (AMS), Shelton Montessori Teacher Education Center (AMS)

Utah, Institute for Montessori Innovation at Westminster College (AMS), Institute for Guided Studies (MEPI)

Virginia, Northern Virginia Montessori Institute (AMS), Virginia Center for Montessori Studies (AMS), Virginia Montessori Teacher Education Center (AMS)

Washington, Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington (AMS), Montessori Education Institute Pacific Northwest (AMS), Montessori Center for Teacher Education Washington State (AMS)

Wisconsin, Montessori Institute of Milwaukee (AMI), Heartland Montessori School, River Falls, WI


Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute (AMS)

Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center (AMS)



Materials Companies


Michael Olaf

Juliana Group


Alison's Montessori


Bruins Montessori

Laughing Star Montessori

Hello Wood

Fundraising ideas

Website design

Go Montessori




How to Start a School

Hiring teachers, Sample employment contract

School boards, Sample Board Operating Procedures Contract, Sample bylaws

Building codes

State regulations


Consultants, Montessori Consulting, Organizational Roots, The Montessori Foundation, Montessori Public School Consulting



Am I Ready?

Site selection

Operations Budget


Starting Montessori Classes

Legal Issues

Startup and Cycle of Financial Operations


Inclusive Education/Special Needs

Inclusive Education Courses, MISD

Consulting, The Montessori Intervention Programs

Jennifer Davidson


Collaborative Initiatives

MLC, Birth Through Six, Research, Teacher Training

International Montessori Organizations

AMI, Andre Roberfroid, President, Lynn Lawrence, Lynne Lawrence, Executive Director, Educateurs sans Frontieres

Australia, Montessori Australia Foundation

Canada, Canadian Association of Montessori Teachers, Montessori Society of Canada



Haiti, The Peter Hesse Foundation Montessori Initiative


Indonesia, Association of Indonesian Montessori Schools

Kazakhstan Association of Montessorians

Montessori Teachers Skandinavia

South Africa, South African Montessori Association Trust

Pan American Montessori Society, Montessori Public Education in Thailand


Montessori Teacher Training Center of Northern California (AMI)

Capital College (AMS)

Montessori of Alameda Teacher Education Program (AMS)

Montessori Institute of Atlanta (AMI)

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