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Pbworks by Mind Map: Pbworks

1. Teaching

2. How to use Pbworks

2.1. Learning

2.1.1. Facilitates effective, collaborative language learning

2.1.2. Learning in the educational community helps students become independent thinkers and collaborative learners, which are qualities that are required to meet successfully the challenges of today's knowledge society

2.1.3. The students had the opportunity to collaborate in live meetings

2.1.4. Develop the students' interest in looking for opportunities for communication and the willingness to communicate in them. This will depend on many factors such as the student's personality, social situation, communicative competence, the desire to communicate with a particular peer.

2.1.5. It connects students regardless of time and space

2.1.6. Students work in small groups to solve an open ended, real life problem. Group work involved doing research, holding meetings, creating products such as minutes of meetings and submitting them by determined deadlines, writing the research report and presenting it in class.

2.1.7. Promote interaction between students

2.1.8. Convenient for comparing their work with the work of other groups and learning from each other.

2.1.9. Help students to communicate more and more effectively with the English teacher. They listed reasons such as the teacher replying fast, the ability to read the teacher's comments given to other groups and the teacher's encouragement to post comments. Such immediate feedback helped them progress with the work faster.

2.2. Searching

2.2.1. can get to know the information and materials from their colleages

2.2.2. share the own work to their friend to have advice

2.2.3. Can express the own idea and have chance to collaborate with friends

2.3. Teaching

2.3.1. The language teacher who uses collaborative technology has to design such tasks for the virtual environment that correspond to activities students will perform outside it

2.3.2. The teacher will achieve successful second language acquisition if they consider the social and affective aspects of learning.

2.3.3. the teacher's immediate feedback to students in the form of guidance, support and advice when needed

2.3.4. the teacher's facilitation of the student's learning process

2.3.5. the teacher's provision of intellectual and emotional support to students

3. Background information

3.1. With over a million communities using PBworks to collaborate publicly and privately, PBworks is the largest business and educational hosted collaboration solution in the world. PBworks hosts collaborative wikis that can be used by anyone and for anything, featuring a setup that takes less time than making a peanut butter sandwich and easy, point-and-click editing.Competitors include Microsoft Sharepoint,Atlassian Confluence, and Socialtext

3.2. PBworks is wiki software, which has been successfully used by organizations for both educational and administrative purposes. PBworks provides a unique way of collaboration amongst participants.

4. Benefits

4.1. Users can insert video and photos, chat rooms, voice chat, community calendars and all other sorts of media which can then be rearranged or added to by other users given access privilege

4.2. Effect on language improvement and have benefit as a learning and teaching support

4.3. A powerful tool assisting the development of constructivist learning environments, as their very nature supports collaboration.

4.4. Promoted many collaborative behaviours among students, such as learning from each other and communicating with the teacher..

4.5. Enhance effective collaboration in a constructivist approach to language learning.

4.6. Support language teaching.Educators apply to enhance constructivist teaching approaches; offers learners and teachers an easily editable virtual space for sharing information and knowledge. It is believed to be particularly suitable for collaborative learning.

4.7. Online environments can provide opportunities for collaborative interactions.