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Chewing Gum by Mind Map: Chewing Gum

1. MyBubbleGum

1.1. create your own flavors online

1.1.1. sent for free to your house, to the place you need it ( not in the jungle ;-))

1.2. different flavors and styles for different life situations ( Mint for Dates, Long Chewing for long distance travels, ,...-> you choose for the right situation or mix as you neef

2. A world ambassador since 5000 years ago

2.1. Tell us your personal Chewing Gum Story (important exam, first date, long travel, ...

2.1.1. Marketing campaign: travel with "The Chew" to all places which are important for Chewing Gum --> be our Chewing Ambassador! Connect it to travel communities and share the impressions the people had on their travel to the "Gum Places"

2.2. Find out which history Chewing Gum has in your culture (Mexico, Finland, USA, ...)

2.3. Chewing Gum is available for almost everyone, almost every child tasted a Chewing Gum in its life. count me in!

2.3.1. the price is quite low

2.4. Really young and old humans are not heavy CG users, usually.

3. Health check up

3.1. Preliminary health check up. Gum will turn color to indicate sickness

3.2. Replace urine analysis with chewing gum analysis you can make at home yourself

3.2.1. Drugs control

3.2.2. Pregnancy/ovulation tests

3.2.3. general health check

4. Energy creation

4.1. Generating energy frm chewing gum to recharge our cell phone battery during the day? (not quite sure how this will work, just a goofy idea)

5. Starbucks gum

5.1. Value in the sense of convenience to have it on the go at all time

6. Recycling/reuse of chewing gum

6.1. sell together with the chewing gum, a chrwing gum disposal to collect it and sent it to the company for recycling

6.2. Put on the streets, near the trash bins, chewing gum disposals.

6.3. At home: your own chewing gum recycling machine, You buy ONE chewing gum and through this machine you can make it "new" everytime you want. The machine would allow you to choose different flavours

6.3.1. Creation of a new industry: instead of sell the gum (it doen't provide too much value) sell the different flavours you can add to the gum.

7. Adhesive

7.1. Value measure is weight it can hold

7.1.1. We can show the variety of uses: adhering a cell phone to someone's hand, fixing a broken cup, mounting an iPad on the wall or dashboard

8. Nutritional Supplement

8.1. Value measure is how healthy it can make you if you chew enough of it

8.2. 2nd option: chew instead of eating to reduce weight when you crave for something to eat but not actually having to eat it (for snack purpose, of course)

8.3. 3rd option: gum for those with diabetes? (preferable to candy since chewing stimulate certain hormones or substances in the body)

9. Measuring Device

9.1. Value measure is how stretchy it is (how flexible or long it can become once chewed and stretched)

10. Musical Instrument

10.1. Value measure is Number of noises that can be made with it

10.1.1. We could record different gum sounds to share in our presentation (or have a mock gum concert)

11. Insect Trap

11.1. Value measure is Number of insects caught in gum

11.1.1. I see a video/image showing all sorts of (fake) bugs caught in stripes of gum

12. Social Connection Builder

12.1. Value measure is number of people who share one piece of gum

12.1.1. This could be hilarious to present in a video! connect with social communities

13. A Shoe Stealer

13.1. Value measure is number of shoes that people walk out of as they step on a sidewalk filled with gum

13.1.1. Could also make for a fun presentation showing shoes mounted to a sidewalk/floor with gum

13.2. To add more on this idea, value could come from measuring people traffic for malls/ departments store as their research data

14. Seed Planter (add seeds to the gum)

14.1. Value measure is number of plants that could grow as a result

14.1.1. When people spit their gum out the seeds would sprout there and a plant would grow instead of garbage! Old Bubblegum helps to clean our air

15. Hello Friends! Am I on the right track with these few ideas? PLEASE add more. I'm excited to see what our team comes up with in this activity. No idea is a bad idea (for now)! Also, feel free to add flags next to the ideas you like. --Caroline

15.1. let's eat some Bubblegum and our ideas will flow on :-)

16. Bubblegum

16.1. Value measure is number of bubblegum doing by people is the happiness of the world

17. Build a house

17.1. Like Adobe: Do you need a house? No problem all your neighbors chew gum

18. Competition

18.1. Value measure is the stronger person of the world

18.1.1. Throws the gum as far as you can

19. break a relationship

19.1. Value measure the number of the relationship in the world

19.1.1. You have a gum when started with someone in a relationship. The gum is OK in any place in your house in view of all. I you want to break a relationship you chew you bum during one week and everybody knows include you current partner that you don't want to continue with the relationship

20. stimulate brain activity

20.1. promoting value via the concept of increasing brain activity which helps promote cleverness

20.2. imagination creation

21. plain ideas

21.1. bring your love one closer

21.2. replace smoking

21.2.1. value measure via number of cigarette quitter aware that this idea already exist but we could add more scent/ flavor e.g. smoke-ish or more gimmick to heavily promote quit smoking campaign

21.3. oral care

21.3.1. oral care after meal

22. anxiety control

22.1. value measure from mental benefit

23. hydrating issue

23.1. value via temporary hydrate your body (for emergency use e.g. hiking, trekking)

23.2. also benefit in terms of space storage

24. art creation

24.1. expand children creativity

24.1.1. this may sound gross and unhygiene but children may actually enjoy this ^^"

25. Medicinal Use

25.1. can be used for children who do not like syrups

26. Tooth Whitener

26.1. a simpler way to whiten teeth

27. patches

27.1. you can use if you do fit into car tires, bicycles, motorcycles.

27.2. to patch soccer balls, volleyball

28. plugging holes in the wall

28.1. many times, we have a table and when we want to change it is a niche site, this could be a solution.

29. Depilation

29.1. could be a new form of depilation

30. ceramic ornaments repair

31. as ceramic art cold for moldable

32. for plugging cavities

33. eraser

33.1. can be used when dry

34. Fashion

34.1. Make clothes with chewing gum. The primium line would have been made with "new" chewing gum. The cheap one, with the gum already used.

34.2. Use it to insulate clothes for going to the mountain, skiing. (I'm considering the material is insulating, which I don't know)

35. Chewing Gum sculptures

35.1. In public spaces: people can contribute with their own chewed gum and create a collaborative sculpture.

35.2. Private (artists) create chewed gum sculptures

35.2.1. The benefits of these sculptures can go to NGOs or charity

36. The "autodestroyable" chewing gum

36.1. Value: Keep the streets clean, avoid having one sticked to your shoe sole.

37. Inspired by Hansel & Grettel: Instead of bread crumbs used chewing gum to find the path back home. It lasts longer and doesn't have the risk that the birds and other animals in the forest eat them.

38. thruth detector: use it to know if anyone is lying or not. It will measure it based on the intensity and number of times you chew it, the body temperature and body preassure, among others

39. To create a replications of the sofisticated old or new things e.g. keys, ornaments, jewellery etc.

39.1. Value: helps to depict complex things for the further work with no extra costs.

40. To test the sharpness of the knives

40.1. Value: how does the knive cut the chewed gum - the verdict about the sharpness