Search Engines

Uni Ng
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Search Engines by Mind Map: Search Engines

1. Crawling and Indexing

2. Providing Answers

3. Search Engines user

3.1. DO

3.2. KNOW

3.3. Go

4. Limitations

4.1. Spidering and indexing problems

4.2. Content to query matching

4.3. The 'trees' falls into forest'

5. Indexable Content

5.1. It should be in HTML text format, images, flash files, java applets ad other non text content .

6. factors that will affect page ranking

6.1. keyword usage and targeting

6.2. keyword domination

6.3. keywords abuse

6.4. on-page optimization

7. Several traits of good search engine

7.1. easy to use, navigate and understand

7.2. provide direct , actionable infromation relevant to the query

7.3. professionally designed and accessible to modern browsers

7.4. deliver high quality , legitimate, credible content

8. Understanding the long tail of keyword demand

8.1. It contains a hundred of millions of unique search that might be conducted a few times in any given day, but, when taken together, they comprise the majority of the world's demand for information through search engines.

9. Keyword Research

9.1. To suggests keywords and provides estimated search volume

9.2. To predict the cost of running paid campaigns for these terms

10. Keyword Difficulty

10.1. Important to know the demand for a given term or phrase

10.2. know the work required to acheive high rankings

11. Link signals

11.1. used by search engines

11.2. global popularity

11.3. local/topic- specific popularity

11.4. anchor text

11.5. trustrank

11.6. link neighbourhood

11.7. freshness

11.8. social sharing

12. Link building basics

12.1. Natural editorial links

12.2. manual outreach link building

12.3. self created non editorial

13. How to start a link building campaign

13.1. ranking for relevant search terms

13.2. SEOmoz mozRank

13.3. domain authority

13.4. competitors backlinks

13.5. number of links on a page

13.6. potential referral traffic

14. Link building strategies

14.1. get your customer to link to you

14.2. build a company blog, make it valuable, informative and entertaining itself

14.3. create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking

14.4. be newsworthy

14.5. find directories of listings of relevent resources