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SEO by Mind Map: SEO

1. How SEO operates

1.1. Search Engines

1.1.1. Crawling and Indexing

1.1.2. Providing Answers

2. How people interact with SEs

2.1. Experience the need for an answer, solution or piece of information.

2.2. Formulate that need in a string of words and phrases, also known as “the query.”

2.3. Enter the query into a search engine.

2.4. Browse through the results for a match.

2.5. Click on a result.

2.6. Scan for a solution, or a link to that solution.

2.7. If unsatisfied, return to the search results and browse for another link or...

2.8. Perform a new search with refinements to the query.

3. The Basics of SEs friendly design &development

3.1. Indexable content

3.2. Crawlable Link structures

3.3. Keyword usage&targeting

3.4. Keyword domination

3.5. Keyword abuse

3.6. On-Page Optimization

3.7. title tags

3.8. Meta Tags

4. Keyword Search

4.1. How to judge the value of keyword

4.1.1. Is the keyword relevant to your website's content?

4.1.2. Search for the term/phrase in the major engines

4.1.3. Buy a sample campaign for the keyword at Google AdWords and/or Bing Adcenter

4.1.4. Using the data you’ve collected, determine the exact value of each keyword.

4.2. Understand the long tail of keyword demand

4.2.1. The long tail contains hundreds of millions of unique searches that might be conducted a few times in any given day

4.3. keyword search

4.4. keyword difficulty

5. Growing popularity&Links

5.1. Link signals

5.1.1. used by search engines

5.1.2. Global Popularity

5.1.3. Local/Topic-Specific Popularity

5.1.4. Anchor Text

5.1.5. TrustRank

5.1.6. Link Neighborhood

5.1.7. Freshness

5.1.8. Social Sharing

5.2. Link buiding basics

5.2.1. "Natural" Editorial Links

5.2.2. Manual "Outreach" Link Building

5.2.3. Self-Created, Non-Editorial

5.2.4. Strategies Get your customers to link to you. Build a company blog. Make it a valuable, informative and entertaining resource. Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking Be newsworthy. Find directories or listings of relevant resources.