Year 13 Photography

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Year 13 Photography by Mind Map: Year 13 Photography

1. research

1.1. sub-conscious

1.1.1. dreams enrgy

1.2. paths

1.2.1. journy of life hevean hell

1.3. beginging and end

1.3.1. death rebirth growing up

1.4. temptation

1.4.1. devil sins what looks intresting but you cant do?

1.5. conscious

1.5.1. what others see? percenallity

1.6. fashion

1.6.1. clothes shoes accsseriys heald tops skirts

1.7. how do I go from general to specific?

1.7.1. personal what makes you, you

1.7.2. Chance choose a random date and time no control no rules

1.7.3. chage

1.7.4. haw life plans out

2. artist biography

2.1. look on google

2.1.1. type in the artist name

2.1.2. press enter

2.1.3. click on link to web site

2.1.4. choose a link

2.1.5. read text and see if relivant

2.1.6. find intrestig fact bout the artist

2.2. go and see the artist work

2.2.1. musiums

2.2.2. books

2.2.3. internet