Input/Output Devices

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Input/Output Devices by Mind Map: Input/Output Devices

1. Output Devices

1.1. Outputs Data

1.2. Has Speakers

1.3. Typically has a screen

2. Input Devices

2.1. Data entered into the computer

2.2. Peripheral used to provide data

2.3. Physically interacted by user

2.4. Buttons or keys responsible for data input

2.5. Input device must work before output

2.6. Usually cheaper than output

3. Microphone

3.1. Challenges in classrrom

3.1.1. Sound files take up a lot of space

3.1.2. Requires a lot of storage space

3.1.3. Files need to be compressed for easr

3.2. Benefits in classroom

3.2.1. Input Sound

3.2.2. Input spoken word

4. Scan Converter

4.1. Benefits in classroom

4.1.1. Displays entire image in digital form for class

4.1.2. Converts computer digital image

4.1.3. Can be plugged into video port in back of television

4.2. Challenges in classroom

4.2.1. May not work on older televisions

4.2.2. Some televisions do not have high resolutions

4.2.3. Text hard to read

4.2.4. Image may be hard to see even with large monitor

5. Application to learning

5.1. Word Processing

5.2. E-books