Festival and Events Workshop

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Festival and Events Workshop by Mind Map: Festival and Events Workshop

1. Pre-event

1.1. Promotion

1.1.1. Website Registration Information Gathering Invite a friend Give-aways/contests Send JPEGs and links to all sponsors of give-aways to cross promote

1.1.2. Bloggers Pre-events to give bloggers "inside" information/access interviews pre-event orientation Logos - send to all bloggers

1.1.3. Sponsorships Collect logos to add to website/collateral Give sponsors web links back to your websites

1.1.4. Social Media Upcoming.org Facebook phone numbers email address Video Youtube Other video sites

1.2. Preparation

1.2.1. Twitter Ask attendee to follow Establish a hashtag

1.2.2. Collateral Web links Twitter handle

1.2.3. Media Flickr/Picasa account Youtube account

1.2.4. Venue electricity/outlets/extension cords broadband

2. During the Event

2.1. Announcements

2.1.1. Broadcast with Twitter

2.1.2. Public address - pimp the twitter

2.1.3. Use the hashtag

2.1.4. Live Streams

2.2. Registration

2.2.1. Gather attendee info at the gate

2.2.2. New Media passes

2.3. Content creation - day of

2.3.1. Photos

2.3.2. Video

2.3.3. attendee interviews Record on video LIVE broadcast

3. After the Event

3.1. Content Gathering/From attendees

3.1.1. Look for hashtags

3.1.2. Link to blog posts

3.1.3. Link to photos

3.1.4. Link to video

3.2. Data analysis

3.2.1. How many people pre-registered?

3.2.2. How many people registered the day of?

3.2.3. How many referrals?

3.2.4. How many pre-registered actually showed?

3.2.5. What were the most effective promotions?

3.3. Sort content and generate buzz for next year

3.4. Post-production: make good content

3.5. Surveys

3.5.1. Conduct through out the year to gather info on what they want for next event