Crowdfunding for Science & Research

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Crowdfunding for Science & Research by Mind Map: Crowdfunding for Science & Research

1. UMich

1.1. Center for Entrepreneurship

1.1.1. Host of Ideas

1.2. CORE

1.2.1. Upstart Umich Ross Alumnus to Pilot New Crowdfunding Platform at U-M

1.3. 2013: WellSpringboard wins PCORI Prize

1.3.1. Crowd funding for medical research? U-M team wins national prize for innovative approach

1.3.2. PCORI Names Winners of Patient-Researcher “Matching” Challenge

1.4. 2013: Focused on Fitness

1.5. 2013: From the Daily: Keep Ann Arbor weird

1.6. 2013: C2C - Vincent Smith teaches Painting (pilot)

1.6.1. (NOTE: Project partner has UM affiliation.

1.7. 2013: Gerald Davis: Detroit Free Press

1.8. 2013: Nick Tobier: The Huffington Post

1.8.1. Campaign (Indiegogo)

1.9. 2013: UMHS partners with local philanthropists to crowdfund the search for scleroderma’s cure

1.9.1. Donation page

1.10. 2012: Crowdfunding aims to help students follow their dreams

1.10.1. News Service link

1.11. 2012: Jason Pang Jao: Financial renaissance

1.12. 2012: Odoms sets out to revitalize Pahokee community with #EATING project

1.12.1. Kickstarter campaign

1.13. 2012: Ross Alumnus to Pilot New Crowdfunding Platform at U-M

1.13.1. Upstart

1.14. 2011: SI Alumnus Rick Walsh to Study Crowdfunding

1.14.1. CrowdRise

2. Crowdfunding Services

2.1. General purpose

2.1.1. The Biggies Indiegogo Kickstarter Rockethub

2.1.2. Other CrowdCube CrowdRise ICO Exchange Host of Ideas Kiva PetriDish TechMoola Upstart Upstart UMich WeFunder

2.1.3. Entrepreneurial CrowdFunder EarlyShares Fundable RelayFund SeedInvest

2.2. Health

2.2.1. Cancer Research UK

2.2.2. Consano

2.2.3. HealthFundr About

2.2.4. HealthTechHatch

2.2.5. MedStartr

2.2.6. StartACure (Cancer)

2.3. Science

2.3.1. EurekaFund

2.3.2. Fund Science

2.3.3. iAMscientist

2.3.4. Microryza

2.3.5. Open Genius

2.3.6. Open Science Funding

2.3.7. Petridish

2.3.8. ScienceDonors

2.3.9. Science Starter (DE)

2.3.10. SciFlies

2.3.11. SciTech Starter

2.3.12. xScited

2.4. Tech

2.4.1. FundAGeek What is?

2.4.2. GeekFunder

2.4.3. Quirky

2.4.4. Techmoola

2.5. Tools

2.5.1. Crowdfund Insider

2.5.2. Listly: Crowdfunding sites and tools

3. Campaign Examples

3.1. Main examples

3.1.1. What if you could get your research subjects to pay you to let them participate? uBiome Indiegogo: uBiome Links American Gut Project Indiegogo: American Gut

3.1.2. Perlstein Crowd4Discovery Demographics Role of Twitter Perlstein Lab Links RocketHub Network analysis of science crowdfunding Wired: Help a scientist build a meth lab Crowdfunding basic neuroscience

3.1.3. Jaffe Microryza Locally sourced science "In many ways, Jaffe’s campaign is a model for any scientist considering crowdfunding their research, especially established academic researchers who have subsisted on government or foundation grants, and who haven’t spent years cultivating a fan base. In fact, Jaffe’s motivation for crowdfunding this project was difficulty in securing traditional sources of funding." Westneat: UW chemist's coal project gets crowdfunded — in record time Dan Jaffe says he didn’t set out intending to go all rogue with his science. “What happened is I was getting discouraged,” he says. “I was starting to wonder whether anyone would even be allowed to ask these basic questions. So I went outside the system.” "I’m sure this won’t go over well with the powers that be. It sounds like democracy and the free market in action to me."

3.2. More

3.2.1. DIY Mass Spectrometry Kit

3.2.2. Space Elevator LiftPort

3.2.3. Listening for cancer

3.2.4. Dr. Eva Sapi Crowdfunding Lyme Research On Indiegogo

3.2.5. Microryza Campaign Aims To Study Complicated US Gun Culture & Effect On Public Safety

3.3. Major venues

3.3.1. Indigogo: Search: Science Indiegogo: iCancer

3.3.2. Kickstarter: Tag: Science

3.3.3. Rockethub Scifund collection

3.4. In the news

3.4.1. Scientists Launch Crowdfunding for Coral Repairing Robots

3.4.2. Scientists Use Crowdfunding to Pay for Fracking Research

3.4.3. U.W. surgeon using crowdfunding to fund research

4. Best Practices

4.1. Tips

4.1.1. Supplemental NOTE: Crowdfunding does NOT replace grant funds

4.1.2. Swag

4.1.3. Incremental donation levels

4.2. Metrics

4.2.1. What successful Kickstarter campaigns have in common

4.2.2. Kickstarter stats you can use

4.2.3. Network analysis of science crowdfunding

4.3. AAAS Webinar

4.3.1. Crowdfunding Science: Appealing to the online community

4.3.2. ETechLib: Crowdfunding for Science

4.3.3. Storify

4.3.4. Video

5. More

5.1. Collections of more info

5.1.1. General Crowdfunding Daily Pearltrees: Crowdfunding Pearltrees: Crowdfunding articles Pearltrees: Crowdfunding reports

5.1.2. Science Crowdfunding Science Pearltrees: Crowdfunding Science

5.2. Hashtags

5.2.1. #CrowdSci

5.2.2. #CrowdGrant

5.2.3. #CitSci

5.2.4. #Crowdfunding

5.2.5. #HCCF (Health)

5.3. News

5.3.1. Planet Money and Kickstarter: Is web-based crowdfunding the future of public media?

5.3.2. Crowdsourcing and Health Care Reformation

5.3.3. When Crowdfunding is a Matter of Life and Death

5.3.4. What technologies will crowdfunding create?

5.4. Ethics / Risk

5.4.1. CROWD CONTROL? Social nature of crowdfunding should control fraud, advocates say - See more at:

5.4.2. Crowdfunding and securities fraud

5.4.3. Forbes: Crowdfunding: Potential Legal Disaster Waiting To Happen

5.4.4. How the crowd detects fraud

5.4.5. Huffington Post: Crowdfunding's Fraud Bogeyman

5.4.6. This is what a Kickstarter scam looks like

5.4.7. Two Crowdfunding Campaigns Raise Ethical Questions

5.4.8. Wharton: Crowdfunding: Promise or Peril?

5.4.9. WATCH: Kickstarter Fraud Foiled By Kickstarted Documentary Team

5.4.10. Wormser Legal: Crowdfunding concerns ignore the obvious

6. Background

6.1. AAAS Webinar

6.1.1. Slides (PDF)

6.1.2. Storify

6.1.3. Video

6.1.4. Blogged ScienceFund ETechLib

6.2. Toons

6.2.1. PHD Comics Image PHD Comics video via

6.2.2. XKCD

6.3. News

6.3.1. Economist: Many a mickle makes a muckle: These days, anyone can be a scientific philanthropist

6.3.2. CMAJ: Crowdfunding for medical expenses

6.3.3. Nature: SpotOn London 2012: Crowdfunding is all the rage and scientists are joining in

6.3.4. Nature Biotech: Biotech crowdfunding paves way for angels

6.3.5. IEEE: Crowdfunding: A New Opportunity for Science and Innovation

6.3.6. New Scientists: Value of Small Donations

6.3.7. NPR: Scientist Gets Research Donations from Crowdfunding

6.3.8. NPR: Scientists Pass the Hat for Research Funding

6.3.9. O'Reilly: Crowdfunding science Micro-patronage could let researchers step around funding obstacles.

6.3.10. Physics Today: Scientists Experiment with Crowdfunding

6.3.11. Scientific American: A Cure for Science's Ills?

6.3.12. TIME: Crowdfunding a cure: the sick are getting strangers to pay their medical bills

6.3.13. Trends Ecol Evol: Raising money for scientific research through crowdfunding


6.4.1. Nature: Crowdfunding, another type of science outreach

6.4.2. NY Times: Young Scientists Embrace Crowdfunding

6.4.3. Scientopia: Hurdles for Crowdfunding Wackanuts to Overcome Overhead Chump Change YeahBut Can it repeat? Deliverables Science is a tough sell

6.4.4. SciFund: Is science crowdfunding really about hustling?