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What's needed next? by Mind Map: What's needed next?
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What's needed next?


Empower every citizen in a more sociable / collaborative way

Improve digital citizenship

R& I community as medium

User education

Sharing information

Control the right information (see terrorism)

Expand accessibility

Framing mass control

Rules and laws

Make ISP more responsible

Empowering vs protection

More info and education on being on Internet

Strict rules for posting information on the Internet

Trustful surveillance

Clear definition of what goes on the Internet

People's right to know what MS know about them

Trust & Privacy - Data Use

Empower user to predictability

Encourage use of open standard

More holistic approaches

More autonomous and intuitive solutions to privacy

More confidence to use Internet

Inform users about their data (Transparency)

Big Data

More research n how to handle data

Need of new / more advanced physical infrastructure

Regulation of Internet traffic

Streaming the EU agenda - simplification off landscape


Invest on research networks

Elaborate compatible program for models and standards

Enforce data roaming regulation

Make R & I more close to citizens

More education especially on ICT

Shaping rather than opposing

Require use of open standards by law

Concentrate on strengths

Holistic approach

Investment on R & I and deployment of new infrastructures

Business models

Evolution of open source

Creation of ecosystems

Bring solutions to markets & people

Enable change ASAP

Crowd funding to be enforced in EU

Consistent policy across EU

Encourage global and compatible model = standardization

Encourage failure = being able to take more risks