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Change Lifestyle by Mind Map: Change Lifestyle

1. Society

1.1. How can I build more quality relations with other people? How culture problems will I have?

1.2. Lin:Try to be sincere.You show your sincere love for others.Then others are bound to pay off. I think problem you'll meet may be language.Anything else is oK.Don't worry.

1.3. Kate: In my mind, I need a lot of time to get used to the special Chinese traditions. But it's very interesting to me! I have opinion, when you come to know other culture, you better understand your own

2. Family

2.1. What difficuties will I have when I create the family in a new country?

2.2. Lin: It's a wonderful idea that you want to create a family in a new country.The difficulties may be some culture differences.But if you are easy to get along with,then nothing is difficult.Come on.

2.3. Kate: I think, I would have missed my family, so took them with me

3. Health

3.1. What can I do to improve my overall health?

3.2. Lin:Do more sports,eat healthy,don't stay up late,stay happy,take good care of yourself.

3.3. Kate: The climate is good in a lot of parts of China. I dislike the hot climate. I like the climate like in Russia.

4. Career

4.1. What kind of work should I get?

4.2. Lin:In my opinion,the most important thing of finding a job is that you like it.I don't mind if the job is related to my major.Your major is robotics.You can be a college teacher or an engineer.However,if you really want to have a job in your major's sphere,you should try your best to achieve it.I know you can manage it.I believe you.

4.3. Kate: I'll have a Russian diploma, therefore I should get the education in Chinese colleges, without it I can't have a job in my major's sphere - training of children robotics.

5. Hobbies

5.1. What new hobbies would I enjoy?

5.2. Lin:Ithink that you can develop some interest in sports.I always think that sports can make a girl feel different.You can also try to cycle just like me.What's more,reading books is a good choice. Learn a foreign language.I'm convinced that you will gradually find what you like in China.It doesn't matter what you do,but make sure you like it.

5.3. Kate: I have common hobbies like studying foreign languages, quilling, dancing and skiing, and snowboarding. And I can enjoy it everywhere. In China I would enjoy new hobbies like playing in traditional music instruments.

6. Friends

6.1. How can I meet new friends? How can I spend more quality time with close friends?

6.2. Lin:It isn't a difficult thing to make new friends.We Chinese are always eager to make friends.But to make close friends needs fate and luck.Just like you and me.Just like many friends like mine.Some people will like each other at their first sight.There is no reason.When you stay with your close friends,you can tell each other what you have experienced.Share funny things with each other.Chat,go to movies,have meals together,go to some places or do some things that are special for all of you.You can also contact with each other even though you are seperated.Share your sadness and happiness.

6.3. Kate: I like meeting new people. I am very sociable. I have many friends in different countries, I like to go to visit them. Distance does not prevent our friendship.