GumTree Project

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GumTree Project by Mind Map: GumTree Project

1. Top Level Projects

1.1. GumTree ISEE Workbench Project

1.1.1. Projects GumTree Platform org.gumtree[.*] Components Info

1.2. GumNIX Project

1.2.1. Projects GumNIX Data Reduction and Analysis Layer Components GumNIX Data Acquisition Layer Components GumNIX SICS Extension Layer Components Bragg Neutron Beam Instrument Project PSI Neutron Beam Instrument Project

1.3. Scientific Plug-in Library Project

1.3.1. Projects GumTree OpenGL Visualisation Features Plugins ISAW SWT Wrapper Features Plugins

1.4. Bragg's Neutron Beam Instrument Project

1.4.1. Subprojects ANSTO Histogram NBI DRA Common NBI DAQ Common Echidna DRA Echidna DAQ Wombat DRA Wombat DAQ Platypus DRA Platypus DAQ Kowari DRA Kowari DAQ