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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Learning Theories

1.1. Constructivism

1.1.1. Piaget's Learning Theory

1.1.2. Knowledge is constructed on an individual basis

1.1.3. The process of accommodating and assimilating new knowledge into schemas

1.1.4. The teacher can provide unique and effective ways for learners to construct their own knowledge

1.2. Connectivism

1.2.1. Knowledge is active

1.2.2. Students should be motivated to assume the role of active learners and connect their experiences to other knowledge

1.2.3. Learning is connected to the technological age

1.2.4. Learning is created from a variety of sources, and these sources can be 'connected' to support eachother

1.3. Cognitive Load (CLT)

1.3.1. The theory that strives to explain the working memory

1.3.2. 3 Distint Memory Frameworks Working Memory What we are using in the present time Long-Term Memory Working memory sends knowledge to be stored here until we need it at a different time Schemas A framework that allows knowledge to be stored for fast access. We have many schemas with knowledge stored under these different schemas

1.3.3. Teachers should be aware of rote memorization

2. Technology Theories

2.1. SCOT

2.1.1. Social Construction of Technology

2.1.2. Technology does not shape our society, society shapes what happens in regards to technology

2.1.3. It is society who determines the success of a technology, or the downfall

2.1.4. Allow students to be critical of the types of technology used within the classroom

2.2. Media Ecology

2.2.1. Can be vaguely described as the study of media as a whole.

2.2.2. How is technology affecting our society? Can we exist without it?

2.2.3. Students can have opportunities to discuss change in their lives that were causes of technology. There is opportunity here to study the past/present/future.

2.2.4. This theory conflicts with SCOT, as Media Ecology posits that technology has changed society.


3.1. 3 Types of Knowledge

3.1.1. Content

3.1.2. Pedagogy

3.1.3. Technology

3.2. TPACK is the idea of the three types of knowledge working together to facilitate learning.

3.3. TPACK assists teachers in finding the proper technological method to use during a lesson

3.4. Link of a diagram that explains the central idea of TPACK

4. Philosophy of Teachanology

4.1. A teachers philosophy regarding the idea and use of technology

4.2. A teacher should have a plan and be aware on how they do or do not want to involve technology in their classroom

4.3. Professional Development is including ways for teachers to stay updated on new uses for technology