Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality by Mind Map: Net Neutrality

1. Net neutrality is good for business

1.1. Net neutrality improves quality of service.

1.2. Net neutrality would give businesses chance to get new customers.

1.3. Net neutrality wouldn't restrict business' access to the Internet.

1.4. Net neutrality increases access of customers to business products.

2. Net neutrality is a solution to many quarrels caused by restrictions on the Internet.

2.1. People can't offend anybody because they have more Internet rights because everybody haves equal Internet rights.

2.2. People's privacy would not be invaded.

3. Net neutrality gives everybody equal rights on the Internet

3.1. Many little non-profit organizations can compete with the larger ones.

3.2. It gives the opportunity for you to shop in all online shops, not only the ones your Internet provider has an agreement with.

3.3. Net neutrality would give everybody consistent internet access speed on all contents on the Internet.

4. Net neutrality explained

4.1. Posters for net neutrality

4.2. Net neutrality Congress debate text

4.2.1. Resolution on net neutrality debate.

4.3. Disadvantages of net neutrality

5. Net neutrality will cause no restrictions on the internet.

5.1. People wouldn't have to pay fee to get premium content on the Internet.

5.2. There would be no payed websites.

6. History of net neutrality