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6 x 6 planning by Mind Map: 6 x 6 planning
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6 x 6 planning

The One Night Stand

Brochure developed and circulated

Sex questionnaire launched and first responses sought

Exhibtion Agencies recruited

Funding applications completed

Website finished and operational

Press launch of survey


Brochure developed and circulated

School DVD's developed and tested

Websites integrated and fully functioning

Networking rolled out

Funding & finance

Personal sponsor programme initiated (SM Angels)

Parish Appeal - personal letters and other churches

Funder feedback completed

Priorities and other funders - applications x 4


Denominational HQ contacts

Down and Dromore and Connor strategy developed

Youth Leader gatherings

YL breakfasts?

Review of Derry Diocese

SM programme

SM seminars 2010 drafted

Speakers 2011 invited

Agency partner programmes agreed and targets set.

Major artists identified

SM Team

Team leader reviews

Targets and goals set for 2010

Training needs identified

Dates of meetings established