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Design Studies by Mind Map: Design Studies
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Design Studies

Semester 1 (Module HT21001)


L1: What Is Design Studies?, Jonathan Baldwin

L2:Visual Communication, Jonathan Baldwin

L3: A Short History of Technology, Prof Mike Press

L4: Service Design, Prof Tom Inns

L5: Good Design/Bad Design, Jonathan Baldwin

L6: Study Week

L7: Crossing Design Boundaries: Interactive Jewellery, Hazel White

L8: Selling War, Jonathan Baldwin

L9: Craft, Hamid Van Koten

L10: Christmas Spirit - Why We Buy, Jonathan Baldwin


S1: Mind mapping, blogs and management

S2: Generating ideas for research

S3: Discussing ideas

S4: Writing about design


A1: Arguments and evidence

A2: Making connections

A3: Secondary research skills

A4: Reading and reviewing

A5: Bringing it together


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The Tipping Point, Gladwell, M (2002) London: Abacus

The Mind Map Book, Buzan, Tony (2006), London: BBC

Study Guide, The Study Skills Handbook, Cottrell, S (1999) London: Routledge, The Arts Good Study Guide, Chambers and Northedge (1997) Milton Keynes: Open University, Smarter Student: Study Skills & Strategies for Success at University, McMillan and Weyers (2007) London: Prentice Hall

Semester 2