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Contract Management Solutions by Mind Map: Contract Management Solutions
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Contract Management Solutions

Legal Process Outsourcing


Bridegway eCounsel matter management system

CMA Contiki

Comprehensive tool for the entire contract lifecycle that includes advanced business logic.

Contraxx (Ecteon)

Say goodbye to manual processes and time consuming paperwork. Contraxx will transform the Contract Manager's set of tools from spreadsheets and complex filing systems to a streamlined and automated system with perfect and immediate access to information. Contraxx is designed to capture the unique structure and data requirements for each of your organization's contract types, while maintaining a standard method of entering, analyzing and reporting on that data. Contact us for a free consultation.

Corporate Legal Standard

A relatively new entrant that has contract management as a part of a more comprehensive system to manage legal processes.

Emptoris (purchased DiCarta)


First Docs


I-many's Contract Management business solution allows for implementation of corporate wide controls, strong procedures for internal contract approvals and Sarbanes Oxley Act compliance. Contracting, legal, sales and administrative personnel may create contracts easily and quickly, using standard templates in Microsoft Word, route them for necessary approval and manage multiple versions throughout the entire negotiation process.


Interwoven and Perfectus


Lex Contract Suite

Memba Genesis

Nextance (purchased by Versata 2007)

OpenText (acquired Hummingbird)

Pontus Global

A new entrant in the industry that combines technology and contract processes, supported by a team of offshore and onshore resources.

Serengeti Tracker

Serengeti’s matter management and e-billing system includes a contract management module at no additional cost.


Contract Logix

Contract Logix is a full-featured contract management software system, enabling companies to manage and track their many contracts and business agreements. Its comprehensive set of contract management tools provides the highest level of control to negotiate, manage and track all of your contracts and business agreements.

eBid eXchange

Web-based vendor contract management system provides a centralized warehouse of key contract information. Store contract documents and track modifications, insurance certificates, invoicing and payment, milestones and events, and supplier performance. Supplier management and sourcing modules also available. Affordable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for any size business seeking to simplify vendor contract administration. View case studies and sign up for a free demo.

Contract Analyst by TrakSoft

Solid, Proven, and Reliable - Contract Analyst is a comprehensive, flexible, full-featured, and intuitive Contracts Management System. It features step-by-step procedures to guide you through the full contracting process; from initial analysis to awarding and managing the contract. Features include a built-in ad hoc report writer, e-mail notifications, security groups, one full year of support, total user-customization, and realistic pricing. Free on-line demo and trial version available.

Omnicom by Omniware

Omnicom is a complete software solution for Contract Management from initial concept to final closeout. It covers all aspects of the process, and guides the user through a quality process. The software is a full web application as well as a traditional Client/Server application running on Oracle or SQL Server databases. Workflow and email notifications and reminders are used to maximize efficiency and integration with existing work routines.

Metridea Enterprise Contracts

Metridea Enterprise Contracts is a scalable, browser based application with an intuitive user interface allowing easy contract authoring, management, and reporting. Metridea allows complete customization of contract variables, reports, and 3rd party integration. Users can quickly create, find, edit, and renew important contracts from a full text searchable contract repository as well as create dynamic reports on key data within contracts.

RICH Contract Management by F.Logic

RICH Contract Management by F.Logic supports Fortune 1000 companies and fast-growing businesses in the $10M+ size, which require a robust, web-based software solution. Clients state that it provides functionalities comparable to solutions from the largest vendors in the industry, but with realistic pricing for today's software budgets and IT infrastructures. Immediate benefits include SOX audit support, contract compliance and revenue optimization. Schedule a live software demo today. Comprehensive Directory

Simplessus Contracts

Simplessus Contracts is a professional software that manages contracts. Keep in view your dates, postponements, costs and revenues. Management of contracts is a continuous process with the goal to improve business results. What's the use of best contracts if you miss respites and forget the contents? Use contract management, contract controlling and contract archiving in one go.

Click Commerce - Contract and Service Management

Automate and optimize your contingent labor and services purchasing process.

Accruent - Contract Services (Lease Management)

Manages contracts on a highly secure, centralized database that easily integrates with other software systems.   Accruent offers a turnkey data abstraction process that delivers unprecedented quality, speed, and value. Using our expertise in real estate and technology, Accruent has developed a proprietary method to convert complex contract and lease variables and interdependencies into process-oriented and reliable results, allowing you to quickly realize valuable benefits from your enterprise location management investment. Since 2000, our specialists have successfully extracted more 100,000 contracts for our customers with over 99.95% accuracy and consistency.  


The ProCon solution allows senior corporate, and project, executives alike to embed sound contract management methodologies into joint venture projects from FEED through to production.

Axxerion contract management

Axxerion provides powerful tools for creating, negotiating, managing and safe-keeping of any type of contracts such as employment contracts, IP, leases, purchasing, sales, etc. Many corporations, government agencies, educational institutions and health care organizations use Axxerion contract management to reduce their costs, improve their controls and increase their efficiency and compliance in managing their contracts.  Axxerion contract management solution is easy to use and manages the entire lifecycle of the contracts. It is completely web-based (SaaS or ASP) and can be securely accessed by your authorized personnel from any location and without requiring any special hardware and software. This allows you to start immediately and without any upfront investment in hardware and additional software.  You can easily scale up or down with Axxerion based on your needs and only pay for what you actually use.

iContract by Zycus

The Zycus iContracttm enables sourcing and procurement professionals the ability to realize negotiated savings and maximum value from their contracts through real-time monitoring and tracking of contract compliance and utilization across the contract lifecycle.


Key Features: Centralized repository Lecorpio contract management provides a centralized repository to manage all relevant information which ensures that each authorized participant has the latest and accurate information about third parties and contractual relationships. Commitment management Commitments such as payment terms and dates, milestones, events, and other calls-to-action that generate workflow are monitored and managed by the system. 1. Time-and event-based triggers 2. Term management 3. Notification through email, pager or any data medium 4. Automated routing and approval 5. Manage any commitment type 6. Be notified of renewal dates or any milestone Payment terms management Corporate legal can easily manage complex contracts, the payment structure is a function of many variables, including revenue generation, unit volume, discounts, advances, guarantees, and many others. You can keep track of simple or complex calculations associated with the payment of license fees. In addition, automatic notifications are triggered before due dates or before variable milestones are achieved, such as a certain amount of revenue. Task management Corporate legal department can capture important tasks and activities to manage the contract maintenance process. Each party in the critical path is notified when they are needed to perform a task, and alarms are triggered if delays occur. Document management The system provides the capability to search and attach related documents such as term sheets, revisions, appendix etc

eContract (xtenzasolutions)

eContractmate from Xtenza Solutions offers any small business, medium-sized division or government department the ability to quickly and cost effectively, implement a customized contract management solution to realize the benefits outlined above. eContractmate is easily configured and deployed to manage all types of contracts, agreements and policies, whether it be for purchasing, sales, services, HR or executive management. eContractmate is flexible: Configurable to support a variety of contract types and create custom contract templates with pre-approved language. Easily integrates with your purchasing system or eProcuremate from Xtenza to manage all type of purchasing agreements such as service contracts, rate contracts and construction contracts. Suppliers, service providers and customers can be integrated into the process and when granted access to the system can directly upload contract documents for review, negotiation and approval. Collaboration between stakeholders is facilitated with integrated email and instant messaging capabilities. Each organization can build a custom process flow for review and approvals based on business needs other levels of authority. Fields names and values can be customized to match the business process, not the other way around. Contract data can be integrated with existing ERP systems from SAP and Oracle using Xtenza's intelligent connector technology. The software can be deployed in a variety of environments: On-Demand via the internet, hosted by an ASP (Application Service Provider) or licensed and installed behind the organization's firewall. eContractmate provides control and management visibility: A centralized repository for all agreements is created with full copies of every contract and all attachments and amendments plus an historical file of previous contracts. Contracts can be searched by keywords and business terms. Version control of all contracts is maintained. The status of every contract in force or in review can be tracked with compliance monitoring based on quantity, quality price, dates, and other user specified conditions. Automatic alerts on milestones, RFQ's, expiration, quantity price changes and more can be defined by the user. Access is secured through passwords and 128-bit SSL encryption for on-demand users. Key contract data can be captured for further management analysis eContractmate is fast, easy and cost effective to implement: Easy to configure to match existing business terms and processes Quick to implement - be up and running in a less than a week Support for legacy data integration and customization Easy to learn, accessible from any intelligent device with full browser capabilities Flexible payment terms - monthly, annual, one time license fee. With On-Demand implementations, pay only for the number of users you need with no long term obligations

Full CLM


Designed to help you overcome challenges by providing full visibility into contracts and enhancing compliance and reporting.

CLM Matrix by CLM Matrix

CLM Matrix is the leading contract lifecycle management solution provider built upon Microsoft Office SharePoint technology. CLM Matrix software adds 26 functions to the SharePoint platform, making contract management far more manageable. The entire solution can be configured to match your organization's unique contract initiation, creation, negotiation, and execution processes through a comprehensive set of wizards. Implementation is fast, requires no development and little training.

Contract Lifecycle Management - Selectica

Selectica provides a comprehensive solution for Global 2000 companies that combines a single, enterprise-wide contract repository with a flexible workflow engine capable of supporting each organization's unique contract management process. With our solution, companies are able to gain visibility into risks and opportunities in contracts throughout the enterprise, create more profitable agreements, cut contract cycle time, and meet contractual obligations and key milestones.


Delivered only as a service. Integrated with Apttus Contract Management Suite is one of the most functionally rich solutions available today, capable of managing any type of contract, process or function. The solution is modular, so you choose which part of the contract function you wish to automate. Modules can be "turned on" at any time so you can use what you need, when you need it. Easy to deploy and very easy to use, the Apttus Contract Management Suite is appropriate for a handful of users right up to tens of thousands of users. Complete, end to end management for your contracts - creation, negotiation, storage, digital signature, compliance and analytics.

ASC - ASC Contracts

Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management Software.

Accomplice (Vertabase)

CobbleStone Systems

Legal Files by Legal Files Software

With Legal Files Software, it's easy to manage what matters to you. That's because our full-featured case and matter management system lets you organize all your contacts, documents, deadlines and data within a proven, flexible set of practice-specific windows and workflow that can be easily customized to your office. Serves industries including legal departments, the public sector, insurance and law firms.

Novatus Contracts

Novatus' contract management software provides sophisticated control and visibility for every contract type and industry. Known for ease of use, fast deployment, competitive costs, and customer support. SOX, HIPAA, GLB contract compliance. Proven contract data migration methods. SaaS or On-Premises delivery. Integrate to financial systems to enforce financial terms. Built by contract managers and known industry leaders. Demo systems available for customer access.


Free trial. Email alerts, full text search, customizable reports, easy import of any format, document compare (Word to PDF), authoring, approval workflow, configurable, on-demand, contract analysis-makes documents easier to navigate. Plus go live in only 24 hours.

Ultimus Contract Process Suite by Ultimus

Gain control & reduce risks. Free trial. Ultimus allows organizations to model, automate, manage and optimize their contract processes through and easy-to-use, mange and implement software suite. Ultimus has automated more business processes than any other BPM vendor worldwide.

Dolphin Contract Manager

Dolphin Software develops a Contract Lifecycle Management solution for Microsoft SharePoint environments called Dolphin Contract Manager. Dolphin Contract Manager provides market-leading functionality within the familiar environment of Microsoft SharePoint and Office 2007. Our Contract Management system provides role-based access to the system and is modular, providing five key modules that help to automate and manage each stage of the contract lifecycle process.

Upside Contract

UpsideContract offers a fully automated contract management process that starts from collaborative contract creation, negotiation and award, and includes risk, performance, compliance and deliverable tracking and management, financial processing (e.g. invoices and payments), and on-going event monitoring and management. UpsideContract also includes a wizard-like request entry function, Microsoft Word integration, and extensive security and business intelligence features.

Great Minds Software Contract Advantage

Contract Advantage is a line of software products that solve contract management issues for a wide range of industries, organizations and functional requirements. Whether your needs are for a small department, a division or an entire organization, there is a right-sized Contract Advantage solution. And best of all, you can start with a focused contract management project, and then grow or upsize the system as you need to, without losing data!



EnterpriseWizard Has Everything You Need Start simply with just contract management or add integrated customer support, sales automation, and other functions, with no per-module cost. EnterpriseWizard was designed to map any business process, from the simplest to the most complex, without programming. A robust feature set offers all the power needed for even the most sophisticated process. The graphical workflow editor allows you to define the exact steps and automatic actions that should be executed at each stage of a contract process, using just your browser, without writing a line of code. The business rules engine handles time-based notifications about expirations as well as a host of other automation. For instance, a rule could automatically close a new support ticket submitted by a customer without valid support and send an email to the customer and to his sales rep informing them that the contract needs to be renewed before the support ticket can be worked. Find any contract information with full text search of contracts and their attached files. Email integration and dynamic hotlinks provide users with active notifications and the ability to instantly edit the contract and add comments by simply clicking a link in the email. Management reports provide insight into past or upcoming contract costs and revenues. A full audit trail and documentation, automatically created for every contract meet Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements, eliminating the need for manual document gathering by employees. Read a white paper on Reducing Costs of Government Compliance with Business Process Automation. LDAP / MS Active Directory integration provides secure and centralized access control, while single sign-on allows users to login to the system without re-entering password information. Web Services and REST API's provide a service-oriented architecture for full integration with other enterprise systems.

Some Features of CLM


Agreement Express is a hosted digital contract management platform that enables organizations to take their agreement processes completely paperless


SeaView is an easy to use, out of the box application built to help growing companies keep track of all their contracts and agreements. These may include employment contracts, third-party manufacturing contracts, clinical trial agreements, non-disclosure agreements, royalty agreements, purchase contracts, lease agreements, sub-contractor agreements and so on. SeaView will allow an organization to bring all contracts, commitments and agreements into one central location, where they can be viewed, searched and reported on. SeaView allows you to actively manage the agreements by putting in key “action items” to trigger email notifications and have these action items show up in reporting (like lease notification on terminations dates). The documents are copied right off your hard-drive or network and put into the application database to centralize them in one easy to access, secure location. This centralization of the documents can serve to give an organization an electronic copy of an agreement if a fire or other disaster may destroy original paper copie




Provider Contracting eprovion supports the entire lifecycle of contract management – from preparing for a negotiation using provider profiles, to planning a negotiation calendar, to monitoring the contract during its lifetime and finally the renewal or termination of the contract. All of this is supported in one easy-to-use environment with powerfull MS-Office integration. Contract templates can be created for reuse, and contracts can be annotated, versioned and batch-processed.


F.Logic's Contract Lifecycle Management software solution delivers immediate benefits to your organization and helps meet business goals and challenges:\\ \\ Increases Centralized Contract Compliance \\ Mitigation of Legal, Financial & Regulatory Risks\\ Supports Audits & SOX Controls \\ Optimizes Revenue\\ Reduces Negotiation Cycles\\ Eliminates Task Redundancies\\ Increases Information Accuracy\\ Identifies Upcoming Deadlines & Expirations\\ Supports Multi-User Authorization Levels\\ Realizes Superior Control with Standardized Reporting & Inquiries\\

ContractAssistant (Blue Ridge Software)

Contract management software application that helps you access contracts easily, generate reports, etc.\  \ Contract Assistant is affordable, feature filled software that's easy to use. With Contract Assistant you can quickly access important information, generate reports, receive automatic reminders of critical dates and more. Standard, PRO and Enterprise editions are designed to help individuals, small to mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises manage all types of contracts and agreements with confidence.

Tricostar - Timebase Contract Management



Flairsoft Federal

Open source hybrid solutions



Documents Management


Document assembly vendor Exari now has a contract management system









Contract Eagle










\\ \\ \\ \\ Simplify the administration and accounting for multi-element contracts\\ \\ Automatically calculate recognition amounts for each element\\ Manage multiple schedules against a single contract\\ Enable entry of percent complete values that cascade through the system\\ Allocate revenue based on established VSOE values\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ Put all your contract data in one central repository\\ \\ Establish one source for information on contracts, users, licenses, serial numbers, platforms, maintenance, etc.\\ Automatically update all accounting processes with contract changes\\ Enter data once, no need to re-key for billing, general ledger or reporting\\ Track upgrades by date, version, price, etc.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ Facilitate complex billing\\ \\ Consolidate multiple charges into a single bill\\ Manage simple and complex billing schedules\\ Detailed audit tracking of all activity\\ Support separate \\\"bill-to\\\" entities for different locations under the same contract\\ Create blended, logical views of all contract, delivery and billing data by bill-to location\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ Support compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and FASB\\ \\ Provide a transactional audit trail for Sarbanes-Oxley 404 assertions\\ Create a foundation for robust internal controls over revenue processes\\ Support compliance with revenue recognition rules (SOP 97-2, 98-9, VSOE, SOP 81-1, SAB 101/ SAB 104, and EITF 00-21).\\ Identify and optimize revenue processes\\ Improve the integrity of revenue data\\ Better establish and enforce internal controls for revenue\\ \\ \\ \\ \\