Rakoff vs "Madoff": the Unraveling continues....

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Rakoff vs "Madoff": the Unraveling continues.... by Mind Map: Rakoff vs "Madoff": the Unraveling continues....

1. go to blog post @【智在埋堆】for a summary of this presentation

2. The "Madoff" in the System

2.1. Paul Krugman: The Great Unraveling (2003)

2.1.1. Robert Schiller: Irrational Exuberance (2000)

2.1.2. Paul Krugman: How Did Economists Get It So Wrong? [NYTimes 090902

2.2. Thomas Friedman: The Great Unraveling (The wealth bubble a "Ponzi scheme"!?) [NYTimes 081216

2.2.1. Thomas Friedman: The Inflection Is Near? [NYTimes 090307

2.3. Leading Economist Decries Power of Wall Street "Oligarchs" [YahooFinance video 090421

2.4. Shoshana Zuboff: Wall Street's Economic Crimes Against Humanity [BW 090320

3. One Year after the crash

3.1. Judge (Rakoff) Rejects Settlement Over Merrill Bonuses [NYTimes 090914

3.2. Wall Street, One Year Later [NYT video

3.3. A Year Later, Little Change on Wall St. [NYTimes 090911

3.4. The Hard Truth About Financial Regulation [Forbes 090914

3.5. U.S. Is Finding Its Role in Business Hard to Unwind [NYTimes 090913

3.6. No more reckless behavior: Obama warns Wall Street [MalaysiaNews 090915

3.7. Who'll Rein In Wall St.? [Washington Post 091014

4. What transpired

4.1. A Year of Financial Turmoil: timeline [NYT 090911

4.2. Interactive Graphic: Wall Street's Year Of Fear. How scary was it? Let's look at the numbers [Forbes 090914

4.3. Lehman Had to Die So Global Finance Could Live [NYT 090914

4.4. The Lehman Aftershock [FT video 090916