Informal and Non formal knowledge

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Informal and Non formal knowledge by Mind Map: Informal and Non formal knowledge

1. Antwerp; C-stick

1.1. Digital portfolio

1.2. Tools for personal development plans

1.3. Back up via Internet

1.4. Links to administrative system for tasks etc

2. Birmingham; A World Worth Living in

2.1. Focus on NEET's

2.2. NOCN Credits

2.3. Online Portfolio

2.4. 3 elements - individual learning styles

3. Göteborg; The positive potential of informal knowledge

3.1. Broad perspective on the theme

3.2. Multiple q's and a's

3.3. System change

3.4. Combining formal and in(non-)formal learning - how can that be done?

4. Antwerp; Study accompaniment in an informal setting to prevent school drop-out

4.1. Promoting study choices

4.2. Combining formal information with informal settings (the Antwerp study guide and the Antwerp Youth Competence Centers)

4.3. Prevent drop-outs

4.4. Labour Competence Mentors