Theories in Education

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Theories in Education by Mind Map: Theories in Education

1. Learning Theories

1.1. Connectivism

1.1.1. knowledge is passed through connections via technology or people

1.1.2. learning comes from nurturing these connections

1.1.3. knowledge is a formation of connections

1.1.4. Use of technology for effective teaching/learning

1.2. Constructivism

1.2.1. students build their own knowledge

1.2.2. comes from experiencing and reflection

1.2.3. use of real-life problems to help with teaching

1.3. Cognitive Load

1.3.1. a person has a working memory that can only hold a limited amount of information

1.3.2. working memory is what we are thinking about now

1.3.3. information goes from working memory to long term memory

1.3.4. varies according to different demands

1.3.5. focus on how to get students to use their limited working memory efficiently, especially with difficult topics

2. Technology Theories

2.1. Media Ecology

2.1.1. The study of technology in relation to human function

2.1.2. Several definitions, not concrete

2.1.3. Media has the power to make people act or think a certain way, or do something

2.2. Social Construction of Technology (SCOT)

2.2.1. The connection between social and technical processes

2.2.2. Constructivist Theory

2.2.3. Science and Technology Studies (STS) Technological Determinism Newer technology will be better and society will be forced to adapt to it

2.2.4. Technology is shaped by humanity and the economy


3.1. How can teachers effectively use the three types of knowledge in teaching

3.2. 3 types of knowledge

3.2.1. Pedagogical

3.2.2. Technological

3.2.3. Content

3.3. Teachers will learn and build on each kind of knowledge to improve their teaching

4. Philosophy of Teachnology

4.1. Technology in Education

4.2. Benefits of technology in the classroom

4.3. How can technology be incorporated to improve learning