Australian Endangered Animals

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Australian Endangered Animals by Mind Map: Australian Endangered Animals

1. Extinction

1.1. Affects the circle of life and the food chain

2. Climate Change

2.1. Weather is getting too hot or cold for animals or plants to live or survive.

3. Trees being cut down

3.1. More space and land is needed and animals who live in trees lose their homes and cant survive

4. Oil spilling in the sea

4.1. Oil ruins the habitat of sea animals and places them in danger because they cant breathe

5. Great Barrier Reef is losing its colour and its coral

5.1. The weather is getting too hot and making the water change so that the coral is not used to the heat and it starts to die. Then fishes cant eat and they die, then the fish that eat them cant eat and they die and then there will be no more food for the animals high in the food chain.

6. The Australian Bilby has not been seen for a very long time it is believe it is extinct.

7. The Australian Sea Snake is also endangered because of changing temperature in the water.

8. Humans are the main cause for animal extinction because they ruin habitats by cutting down trees, drive in the forest, kill for fur, clothes or to get money.

9. Everyone can make a difference if they start in their own backyard. By turning off lights, not buying fake fur. By writing letters to the council to have more national parks. But fundraising for all the big companies who help wildlife and keep their habitat.