Mr. Loud snoring Session 3

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Mr. Loud snoring Session 3 by Mind Map: Mr. Loud snoring Session 3

1. Lifestyle changes for prehypertension

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 2

2.1.1. Atenalol 100 mg/day

2.1.2. Carvizide 1/day

2.1.3. Amlopedine 10mg/day

2.2. mechanism flow chart

2.2.1. 15 years ago diagnosed as essential hypertension, got depressed years later because of many factor including job change, which lead him gaining weight, which can induce OSA. Also, OSA increase the complications of hypertension, making it more resistant.

2.3. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management

3.1.1. Goals of therapy Treat underlying cause lifestyle modification control the symptoms control BP normal 140/90 or less chronic disease: 130/80 or less Our patient: 120/80 or less Prevent complications assess for end-organ damage Psychiatry counsling Occupational counsling

3.1.2. Pharmacological ACE inhibtors inhibits ACE Sideeffects Contraindicated Indicated ARB Sideeffects Contraindicated Alpha blockers Blocks alpha receptors, periphrel vessles, cause vasodialation Good for hyperlipidemia Central acting agents Emergency cases Beta blockers Bisoprolol Blocks beta receptors decrease CO,rate,contractility vasodialation in the periphrel arteries Sideeffects Contraindicated Diuritics Increase urination Inhibit Na uptake Loop diuritics K sparing K wasting Distal tubules Sideeffects Calium channel blockers Dihydro Mechanism Sideffects Amlopedine Verapamil indicated for LVH

3.1.3. Non-pharmacological Weight reduction to the limit of optimal BMI Enhanced by Smoking cessation Virocodene Nicotine replacement therapy Referred to clinics Alcohol cessation Stop medications like NSAIDS CPAP for OSA Need to do sleep test before Problem in compliance Compliance: 30% Sideffects Ask patients to tie a ball Srugery to correct crowding Meditiation Psychiatric therapy .

3.2. Prevention

3.2.1. Decrease risk factors such as weight, smoking, salt intake, lipid profile

3.2.2. Excercise regularly

3.2.3. Brochures BP measurement at home, or 2 hrs

3.2.4. Aplasia for renal artery stenosis

3.3. 60 minutes

4. step 11

4.1. Review and evaluate

4.2. Group members

4.3. Chairman

4.4. Scribe

4.5. Tutor

4.6. Material

4.7. 10 minutes