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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Technolog Theories

1.1. SCOT: Social Construction of Technology

1.1.1. We shape technology, technology doesn't shape us

1.1.2. Society determines what technology we will use

1.1.3. Technology advances through us

1.2. Media Ecology

1.2.1. Technology has a huge impact on our society

1.2.2. We rely on technology very much

1.2.3. Technology shapes the way we think

1.2.4. Technology effects the perceptions we have on people

2. Learning theories

2.1. Cognitive Load

2.1.1. Memory is active

2.1.2. We work like computers, lots of stored information

2.1.3. Long term memory is stored over a long period of time

2.1.4. Working memory is a new word for short term memory

2.1.5. Working memory and Long term memory

2.2. Constructivism

2.2.1. Learning happens through our own experiences

2.2.2. People are a product of their experiences Task 1 Task 2

2.2.3. Teacher isn't as involved Call 1 Call 2

2.2.4. Learning happens through the student Meeting 1 Meeting 2

2.3. Connectivism

2.3.1. Learning happens through network

2.3.2. Meaning making is important in learning Wikepedia Articles

2.3.3. Information is easy to find Hashtags Call 2

2.3.4. Knowing where to find information is more important than knowing Meeting 1 Meeting 2


3.1. Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

3.2. Teachers knowledge of the relationship between technology and content

3.3. Content

3.4. Pedagogy

3.5. Technology

4. Philosophy of Technology

4.1. Technology use in classroom

4.2. What does the teacher think about technology?

4.3. How important is technology to the teacher?

4.4. Should technology be more incorporated in teaching

4.5. Teachers personal beliefs about technology