5 Theories

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5 Theories by Mind Map: 5 Theories

1. Connectivism

1.1. Learning is Active

1.2. Knowledge exists separate from the human mind

1.3. Teachers facilitate student connections to knowledge

2. Constructivism

2.1. Learning is active

2.2. Student experiences affect learning

2.3. Learner constructs knowledge

3. Cognitive Load

3.1. Information overload is bad, teachers need to limit amounts of new information presented at one time

3.2. Long term memory used to store after working memory takes in knowledge

4. Social Construction of Technology

4.1. Human action shapes technology

4.2. Society determines success of technology

5. Media Ecology

5.1. Study of media as environments

5.2. Humans are affected by technoloy

5.3. Society influenced by technology

6. Philosophy of Teachnology

6.1. Teaching philosophy that includes technological aspects of teaching, shaped or influenced by technology

6.2. Thoughts on how much technology will be used, how it will be used and what outcomes it will facilitate


7.1. Content, Pedagogy, Knowledge

7.2. A blend of Content, Pedagogy and Knowledge

7.3. PCK= PK+CK

7.3.1. PK+How to teach

7.4. TK=Knowledge of technology regarding teaching and its usage in the classroom

7.5. TK,PK,CK