Chinese Prose Analysis

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Chinese Prose Analysis by Mind Map: Chinese Prose Analysis

1. The Art of War

1.1. people need to know how to be successful in business

1.2. the art of war helps people be more aware of how to do things in an orderly fasion

1.3. the average american shouldnt read it because they think they are already tough

2. Tao Te Ching is the most infuencial and all americans should read it

2.1. it says that the world would be different with out names

2.2. americans should read this because then americans would not be seperated because of names

2.3. people now days don't understand that names are not necessarily true

2.4. names do get in the way and people should not be held be for their name or what people call them

3. The Anelects is the least influential to americans

3.1. the only good thing the anelects talk about is that a man should be a gentleman speak correctly and have integridy

3.2. the person that inspired the analects said that the only was to understand anything was to do carful studying

3.3. also confusious believed that china would go back to its original state if the states of china would be governed in a humane mannor